TLP 263 - Yippy Ki Yay, Yachts & WWII Vets

TLP 263 - Yippy Ki Yay, Yachts & WWII Vets


Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  Lefty's guest this episode is Lead Head regular, Jerommie Smith with Defi Watches/Smith Bradley LTD to talk about their Big Screen début (hint Bruce Willis), their new TV series (hint Discovery Channel) and the long-awaited release of the one of a kind, premium monthly watch club, ZEW BOXThe Gunny hauls off a load of new JackwagonsLefty & Jerommie award a special watch to a very deserving WWII Veteran continuing our 14 Watches for 14 Vets program.

TLP 262 - THE AK KORNER Part 3: AK-47 Ballistics

TLP 262 - THE AK KORNER Part 3: AK-47 Ballistics

AK Korner PART 3 LOGO.jpg

We are back with the 3rd installment of our 12 part series called The Talking Lead AK Korner presented by Pioneer Arms CorpBallistics is the topic of the day and to help Lefty and Shwell talk about the AK-47 round and more the guys call in the man who literally wrote the book on the AK-47, BOOK OF THE AK-47, Mr. David Fortier with Firearms News Magazine

David brings decades of experience to this episode of the AK Korner.  After a decade in the Military Aerospace industry David began a writing career in the firearms industry penning articles for dozens of popular titles.  He is the recipient of the prestigious Carl Zeiss Outdoors Writer of the Year award.  David has expertise on foreign small arms, ammunition and optics.  In 2007 during the Iraq War he was embedded with the U.S. Army as a war correspondent.

David starts off  by telling us about the famous AK-47 ammunition, the 7.62x39mm round.  The 7.62×39mm round is a rimless bottlenecked intermediate cartridge of Soviet origin that was designed during World War II.  As the discussion progresses we learn about the AK-74 round, the 5.45x39mm round and the Dragunov's 7.62x54mmR round.  David also enlightens us on some rounds that were directly derived from the 7.62x39mm round the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 9x39mm.

Lefty and Shwell read some listener submitted comments, suggestions and David fields some of your questions.  We also announce the winners of the Pioneer Arms Corp. AK parts kit and the AK-47 Hellpup!

TLP 261-Disaster Preparedness

TLP 261-Disaster Preparedness


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast gang!  Are you prepared?   In this episode Lefty's guest is, Lead Head favorite, Andrew Breneman. With Hurricane Florence storming in on the East Coast and on the sobering 17th Anniversary of 9/11 we thought it would be a good idea to give ourselves a refresher on what we should be doing to be proactive before disaster strikes.  Andrew and Lefty talk about the top items you need to be stocking up on, how much you need and how to store and maintain them for optimal effectiveness.

This episodes Talking Lead Jackwagon Train finds no shortage of passengers.  Ridding the TLJWT this week are Lead Head submitted Jackawagons that lose their limbs, "Smart" Gun "logic" that is just plane dumb,

Lefty continues the Talking Lead - Defi Watches - Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association 14 Watches for 14 Vets program by awarding two more stylish Defi watches to deserving Sheep Dogs.

TLP 260 - European Vacation: Talking Lead Style

TLP 260 - European Vacation: Talking Lead Style

AKA: Planes, Jackwagon Trains & Tanks!


We are back Lead Heads!  The Talking Lead crew is fresh off the plane from our trip to Poland and the Czech Republic.  This episode we recap our grand adventures touring the Pioneer Arms Corp factory, PA-KO Military Surplus facility and Excalibur Army.

Joining Lefty this episode to talk about all the adventures experienced while in Europe are his traveling companions: Daniel and Brian with Pioneer Arms Corp USA,  David Fortier Editor with the Outdoor Sportsman Group Integrated Media, Robb Manning Editor with Gun World Magizine.  Also joining the group is our host Mike Michalczuk owner of Pioneer Arms Corp.  and the President of Firearms United, Tomasz Stepien.

Before we kick off the European Vacation, Lefty has to take care of some Jackwagons as the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train rolls in!  We also announce another lucky recipient of a Defi Watch from the Talking Lead/Defi Watches/FLEOA 14 Watches for 14 Vets program.

TLP 259 - Kit Cope, ANTIFA Explosions & Defi Deals!

TLP 259 - Kit Cope, ANTIFA Explosions & Defi Deals!


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  We have an explosive show for you Lead Heads.  MMA/ Muay Thai  champion and ATIFA-Squasher Kit Cope joins Lefty to talk about Spikes Tactical's new binary product called Spike-O-Myte!  David with Inland Mfg drops in to tell us about their new enhacned M1-Carbine called the M30-P .30 caliber pistol.  Blowing our minds, again! Lefty is joined by Jerommie Smith of Smith & Bradley Ltd Defi Watches to offer more Lead Head Brigade ONLY deals on S&B and Defi Watches!

Defi Deals for the Lead Heads

The new Sans 13 2.0 watch has started shipping so if you were one of the smart Lead Heads that preordered yours it will arrive soon!  Jerommie is offering a limited time discount on some great watches from Defi Watches and Smith & Bradley Ltd.  You have to listen to find out what the deals are and how to get them!  Hurry these special Talking Lead ONLY deals end September 17th, 2018.

Spike's Tactical Binary Boom to ANTIFA!

Joining Lefty from Spikes Tactical is Kit Cope, Marketing Manager, and Cole LeLeux, General Manager, to talk about their controversial (to leftist) "Not Today ANTIFA" poster and all of the laughable snowflake reactions they received from it.  But this being Spikes Tactical we also get in to some nitty-gritty gun and explosive talks.  Spike-O-Myte is their new binary product that packs a whallop!  The guys also talk about some new sub sonic rounds Spike's is working on, the .440 and .420 sub sonic rounds and more!

Inland Mfg & Hi Point Carbines

David gives us the low down on the new 10mm carbine from Hi Point and the new M30-P .30cal pistol from Inland.

In 1941, with the US being pulled into one of the greatest conflicts in world history, a division of General Motors was tasked to support the war effort.

The result was firearm history with Inland Manufacturing becoming one of the largest gun manufacturers in the US, producing nearly 3 million firearms in less than 5 years.

The most notable of Inland’s firearm production was the .30 Caliber M1 carbine and the folding stock variant, the M1A1 Paratrooper model.

TLP 258 - THE AK KORNER Part 2: AK-47 Parts & Components

TLP 258 - THE AK KORNER Part 2: AK-47 Parts & Components


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast's AK Korner presented by Pioneer Arms Corp!  In Part 1 of the AK Korner we hit you with the history of the AK-47 rifle. In our Part 2 episode we will disassemble the AK-47 and break down the componentsLefty's and Shwell's special guest expert is Vincent (Vince) Buckles of Mesa Kinetic Research LLC. 

In addition to schooling us on the parts that make up an AK-47 Vince gives us a lesson on Cast and Forged parts and the characteristics of each.  He teaches us the difference between Milled and Stamped receivers.  Vince also answers some questions sent in by our Lead Head listeners.

All of this and...the first 2 recipients of the Pioneer Arms Corps' firearms are announced.  Was it you?  You will have to listen to find out!

TLP 257-Red White & Mindy Robinson!

TLP 257-Red White & Mindy Robinson!


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  Hold on to your seats for an action-packed, full-speed-ahead, no-holds-barred episode with Mike Sodini (Eagle Imports Inc.) and the sensational Mindy Robinson!  Actress, Patriotic Blogger, Host of Red White and F You! Mindy brings an amazing energy to this week's episode talking about her charmed Hollywood career, unbelievable dealings with extreme liberal fanatics, her candidates for the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train, new Facts To Fight The Myths and lots more!

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This week's culprits include the liberal Facebook page and all their followers Occupied Democrats, liberal feminist that DOX conservatives,  Senator Bill Nelson and his stance on 3D printed guns, Peter Fonda and his encouragement for voter fraud and the teacher that expelled a student for wearing an NRA t-shirt!  To counter all this "Jackwagonness" a hero with a gun stops a mass murder during a back-to-school event attended by over 150 people in Florida.

Mindy in the Movies

Coming to a theater near you! Mindy talks about how she serendipitously got a boost into the movie biz.  Her first film experiences and her latest projects.  We talk about The hilarious Mat Best movie Range 15 directed by Ross Patterson.  In her most recent film, Roe V Wade,  Mindy talks about the major misconceptions that people associate with the Roe V Wade case.  Mindy talks in detail about her character, Ellen Mccormack,  one of the first female candidates for president, and some of her on-set antics with cast members like Jon Voight, Jamie Kennedy, William Forsythe, and John Schneider.

Facts To Fight The Myths & 10 Watches For 10 Vets

Mindy hits us with some new Talking Lead Facts To Fight The Myths specifically related to Hollywood.  We continue the Taking Lead/Defi Watches 10 Watches For 10 Vets campaign by presenting our military, law enforcement & first responders with Defi Watches.  2 more watches get presented to 2 more deserving Veterans!

TLP 256 - Schotzy, Benchmade Knives & Boston

TLP 256 - Schotzy, Benchmade Knives & Boston


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast episode 256!  This episode Lefty and his guests, Bill and Goody, talk about their recent trip to Massachusetts honoring the memory of Federal Agent Chris Schoppmeyer. We also have Brian Montgomery with Benchmade Knives join us to talk about a few of their new offerings.  And it wouldn't be a complete show without the Gunny dropping in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train to haul off a new group of Jackwagons!  More giveaways for our Defi Watches 10 Watches for 10 Vets campaign!


Christian “Chris” Schoppmeyer was many things to many people, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a federal marine law enforcement agent, a member of FLEOA, active in his town’s politics, and a volunteer who helped many kids learn to love and respect the outdoors.

Chris was dedicated to his career, but first and foremost he was a family man. He loved fishing with his son Travis, 33, hunting with his daughter Erin, 27, walking with his golden retriever Shadow, going to baseball games, spending time as “Pop-pop” with his grandchildren, and sharing his life with Terri, his wife, along with his many other family members and friends.

Benchmade Knives

Also during the trip and dedication events honoring Chris, we run into Brian with Benchmade Knives.  Brian does not disappoint when he makes an appearance on the show.  We talk about the newest line of knives and tools from Benchmade and the importance of learning how to use them.

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TLP 255 - Optics Class 101 Part 3: Components Of A Rifle Scope

TLP 255 - Optics Class 101 Part 3: Components Of A Rifle Scope


Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  We continue our Optics education with RITON USA.  In Part 3 Lefty is joined by Jerimiah Alexander (J-Mack) to discuss the parts and components that go into the makeup of a rifle scope and how they all work together.  But! Before Class is called to order The Gunny trucks in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train!  Making the TLJWT this episode:  Stand Your Ground Shooting in Florida; Fatal Church Shooting in Nevada; Sacha Baron Cohen & we give an update on a past Jackwagon!

We giveaway 2 Defi Watches as part of the 10 Watches for 10 Vets campaign with Talking Lead & Defi Watches.  We also pick a Lead Head from Instagram at random to win some swag from the Talking Lead Swag Vault!

J-Mack talks about what is coming soon from RITON Optics.  2 new MOD 7 1-8x28 scopes (Hunting version & Tactical Version).

Don't forget to grab your Talking Lead Black Assault Mugs at

TLP 254 - Lanxang Tactical 1 Million Elephants

TLP 254 - Lanxang Tactical 1 Million Elephants


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This episode the Ryan and Travis from Lanxang Tactical join Lefty from the Big 3 East Media event in Daytona Beach.  The guys talk about the history of Lanxang, their precision line of rifles and how Lanxang rifles dominate in sniper challenges across the country.  Riton Optics kicks off their "Summer Of Color" Promotion!  We extend the 10 Watches for 10 Veterans Giveaway and one lucky Lead Head wins some Lead Head Loot!

RITON OPTICS Summer Of Color Promotion

From Monday, July 16 through Friday, August 31 when you place an order for a Riton Red Dot or rifle scope, you will be eligible to select from 1 of 3 available Cerakote finishes.  Magpul FDE, OD Green or Sniper Grey.  Visit Riton's website for terms and conditions.

Lanxang Tactical

Lanxang Tactical's owners fled the communist revolution of Laos and found their way to the states in the late 70’s. They started with nothing, and now own their own machine shop, having worked as technicians and machinists in the aerospace industry for years. Their belief that a society can and should defend itself from a predatory and oppressive government is based in hard experience, and led them to begin the process of making superior firearms. The name Lanxang came about as a tribute to one of the owners’ warrior heritage. It translates from Laotian as “one million elephants,” a phrase that related the military dominance of the ancient kingdom. Naturally, they liked the elephant as a symbol and it looked damn good on the rifle. Lanxang is 100% American owned and operated, their products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Conyers, Georgia, USA.



AK Korner Logo Pioneer Arms.jpg

Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  The Talking Lead AK Korner kicks off this episode with our 1st part of this 12 part series about all things AK-47 presented by Pioneer Arms Corp.  Ancel Robinson, Shwell11 on Youtube and social media, is joining Lefty as your Co-Host for this educational journey.

During this 12 part AK-47 educational series we will cover the history of this 71 year old rifle.  We will dissect the rifle and talk about all of the parts and components.  We will discuss the milled and stamped manufacturing processes along with the difference in cast and forged parts.  We will get in to ballistics and the different variations of the AK-47.

Each episode we will bring in experts of their fields to bring you the facts.  By the end of this 12 part series (1 episode each month) you will have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of this engineering marvel developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov over 71 years ago which is still being used by militaries and enjoyed by civilians today.

Enjoy this episode of The Talking Lead AK Korner Part 1: The History of the AK-47 Pioneer Arms Corp. will be giving away 12 firearms during this series.  In Part 2 we will be giving away 2 firearmsListen to find out what you need to do to qualify.


TLP 252 - Student Of The Gun & The Defi Watches For Veterans Giveaway

TLP 252 - Student Of The Gun & The Defi Watches For Veterans Giveaway


Happy 4th of July double weekend Lead Heads!  This episode Talking Lead celebrates big with Jerommie Smith of Defi Watches.  Jerommie and Lefty have 3 HUGE announcements to drop.  Also this episode Lefty is joined by the gang over at Student Of The Gun Paul G Markel and Jarrad Markel.  SOTG talks about their recent move out West and Paul's latest books: Examining the Armed Citizen: the Historic Struggle Between Man and the State for the Control of Small Arms , Morning Mindset: a 30 Day Plan for a More Positive and Productive Life & Cigar Etiquette for Barbarians

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train!

Before Lefty and Jerommie drop the big announcements the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train rolls in to haul off this week's load of Jackwagons.  Welcome to the TLJWT Maxine Waters (D-CA)! Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is inciting "mob violence" with her call for protesters to confront Trump officials in public.  The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train gets it's final load of the day from Lefty and the Markels with  Rhino Poachers on Sibuya Game Reserve, The guy that took Maxine's advice and got his ass kicked, &  the McDonald's hammer attack in Near North Chicago.


Big announcement 1:  ZEW Box is coming!  ZEW Box is a one of a kind membership club, where members receive a premium watch every month -- right to their door!  With 3 different tiers you can pick and choose based on your level of interest.  To celebrate our launch, we're giving away a couple of premium watches to our earliest supporters.  Go to ZEW Box now to enter!

10 Watch Giveaway

Big announcement 2:  To say thank you for being a Lead Head and your support of the Talking Lead Podcast and Defi Watches listen to this episode for a huge limited time DISCOUNT just for you Lead Heads on all Defi Watches!

Big announcement 3:  Veterans that listen to the show or if you are a listener and want to nominate a Veteran, Talking Lead & Defi Watches is giving away 10 Defi Watches to 10 Veterans that either listen to the show or a listener nominates to receive one.  Tell us about you and your service and why you listen to the Talking Lead Podcast.  Send your submissions to put in the Subject/Heading "I Want The Watch"

Student Of The Gun

Paul and Jarrad join Lefty to talk about their decision to move from the hot humid climate of Mississippi to the cooler and majestic climates of Wyoming and Utah.  They talk about the pros and cons and life at their new digs

Paul tells us about his latest book: Examining the Armed Citizen: the Historic Struggle Between Man and the State for the Control of Small Arms and his thoughts that went into writing it.  We also talk about his other recent books: Morning Mindset: a 30 Day Plan for a More Positive and Productive Life & Cigar Etiquette for Barbarians

Other topics the guys discuss:  DALLAS MOM STOPS CARJACKING BY SHOOTING SUSPECT IN THE FACE, COPS SAY ,  The police are not there for your protection, Gun bans in other countries, Does the Flat Earth Society believe in UFOs & more!

TLP 251 - Eliminating Terrorists, Stern Defense & Pioneer Arms Corp

TLP 251 - Eliminating Terrorists, Stern Defense & Pioneer Arms Corp


Still bringing you Lead Heads spectacular interviews weekly!  Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast.  This episode we have Staff Sergeant Paul Martinez, Ranger Sniper with the 75th Rangers & Author to talk about his book When the Killer Man Comes: Eliminating Terrorists As a Special Operations Sniper.  Stern Defense brings us their new MAG-AD series of pistol caliber adapters for your AR-15.  The Big 3 training facility crew joins Lefty to talk about all the new features of their facility & Pioneer Arms Corp makes a big announcement for a new sponsored Talking Lead Podcast monthly segment...The Talking Lead AK Korner

Stern Defense

Sisters, Kristin and Andrea join Lefty during the 2018 Big 3 East Media Event to introduce their MAG-AD series.  Convert your standard AR 15, M4, M16 lower assembly to use Glock or M&P Magazines in seconds. Features a last round hold open mechanism, made of aircraft grade aluminum, lightweight with ergonomic design.

Stern Defense offers complete 9mm and 40 S&W conversion kits for your ARs.  Bolts carrier groups, barrels and most other components you will need to fully convert your AR-15.

The Killer Man

SSG(RET) Paul Martinez former Army Ranger Sniper, Sniper Instructor,  Author, Cattleman and Veterans Advocate drops by the "Leadquarters" to talk about his book When the Killer Man Comes: Eliminating Terrorists As a Special Operations Sniper

America has one force with the single mission of direct action to capture or kill the enemy. That force is the 75th Ranger Regiment. Staff Sergeant Paul Martinez was a Ranger Sniper with the 75th Rangers during the desperate fighting in Afghanistan in 2011 when the United States made the decision to try to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Paul Martinez was one of the deadliest snipers assigned to this unit, dubbed “Team Merrill,” after the Marauders of World War II fame. Martinez and his fellow Rangers faced near-impossible odds taking on an enemy who knew they were coming and who employed every conceivable tactic to kill these Rangers. In When the Killer Man Comes, Martinez tells the harrowing true story of how he and his team hunted America's enemies in an operation that would have repercussions that are still felt today.

The Talking Lead AK Korner Presented by Pioneer Arms Corp!

We have Vice President of Pioneer Arms Corp CJ Johnson on to announce Talking Lead's up-coming segment called the Talking Lead AK Korner presented by Pioneer Arms CorpWith this new segment we will discuss all things Ak.  We'll discuss history, design, use, variants, maintenance, people and more in this 12-episode monthly segment.  Coming soon!

TLP 250 - Prym1 Camo, Charlie Melton & Drop Leg "Knee-Brace" Holsters

TLP 250 - Prym1 Camo, Charlie Melton & Drop Leg "Knee-Brace" Holsters


Welcome to the 250th episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  5 1/2 years and over 250 episodes and STILL bringing you Lead Heads new information, fun entertainment and great personalities each week.  This week we deliver again.  Joining Lefty is Stacie Walker, creator of Prym1 CamoNavy SEAL sniper, Charlie Melton and developer of the Tejas round Brad Stair to talk about their next world record-breaking longest rifle shot.

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This episode's Jackwagon is brought to you courtesy of a fellow Lead HeadDrop Leg "Knee-Brace" holsters do not exist.   Learn how to properly wear your rigs before going out in public.  Stacie and Lefty talk about the proper way to wear a drop leg holster.

Charlie Mike Precision World Record Shot

During our time at the 2018 NRAAM we did many interviews from the Official "Leadquarters" studio at the Eagle Imports Inc. booth.  Charlie Melton, Charlie Mike Precision, and Brad Stair, Tejas cartridges /owner inventor Performance Guns, drop by to talk with Lefty and Mike Sodini about their upcoming attempt at a 7000 yard rifle shot shattering Charlie's previous record of 5025 yards!  While there Mike and Lefty have some fun with the guys and hit them with some off-the-wall questions.

Prym1 Camo

Stacie Walker, creator/owner, of Prym1 Camo is Lefty's guest this episode.  Stacie talks about how her love of hunting, the outdoors and painting inspired her creation of the Prym1 Camo pattern.   We learn more about Stacie from the "Talking Lead New Guy" line of questions.

PRYM1 is a series of patterns that utilize the colors and tones of nature combined with the organic shapes and motion of wildlife to effectively imitate a predator in the wild.

TLP 249 - Trick Shots, Alpha Foxtrot & Gun Safety for Kids

TLP 249 - Trick Shots, Alpha Foxtrot & Gun Safety for Kids


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  During Talking Lead's coverage of the 2018 NRAAM event we did a lot of interviews so this week we are giving you more of those!  This episode we talk trick shooting with Rick Rehm, children's firearm education and safety with Yehuda Remer, aluminum lower frames for your glock 19 with Alpha Foxtrot and more!

Trick Shots with shooter1721

Rick Rehm, trick shooter extraordinaire, stops by the Eagle Imports Talking Lead "Leadquarters" studio to talk about his wildly entertaining YouTube channel, shooter1721.  Rick is a very talented trick-shot artist using rimfire, centerfire, airguns but what makes Rick's channel even more entertaining is he performs amazing acts of precision with bladed instruments as well.  Listen in as Rick talks about how he got started in Trick Shooting and who his inspiration to be the best is.

The ABC's of Guns

Next up is author and 2nd Amendment advocate Yehuda Remer.  Yehuda brings by his latest book titled SAFETY ON.   SAFETY ON is a unique book catered to children that delves into the subject of proper gun safety protocol as well as teaching kids what to do if they find a firearm somewhere it is not supposed to be.  Whether you own a gun or not, whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun, gun safety is not something to be taken lightly.

Built Alpha Foxtrot

Joe and Kenny with Alpha Foxtrot bring something by the "Leadquarters" that will excite the most discerning gun enthesitis.  The AF-C is a forged aluminum lower frame for your Glock 19.  With features like steel rail inserts, machined thumb index rest, bite-proof beaver tail you can take your G19 to the next level.  Also coming soon from Alpha Foxtrot is a AF1911 and AF15...stay tuned!

Get your Talking Lead ASSAULT MUG here!

TLP 248 - Night Hunting, Lacey Caroline, Life Jackets for Guns

TLP 248 Night Hunting, Lacey Caroline, Life Jackets for Guns


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  We have Nick and Bill with Beastmaster Hunting to talk about their recent productive, but hilarious, night varmint hunt.  Country Music recording artist Lacey Caroline talks about her new EP release and MSE Worldwide introduces the Life Jacket gun lock.  The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train has a load to haul off this week as well!

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This week's Jackwagon Train was much needed.  The dancing FBI agent definitely earns his seat on the TLJWT.  A "mountain man" has his day in court to explain why he we fishing without a license...whos the Jackwagon here, the Judge or the Mountain Man?

Life jacket Gun Lock

Alan Teichelman of MSE Worldwide stops by the Eagle Imports "Leadquarters" during the 2018 NRAAM to tell us about the Life Jacket.  The Life Jacket provides a safe secure storage option for your pistol during transportation.  It provides full action coverage and a heavy-duty locking mechanism that impeds tortuous attempts to break it.

The Life Jacket is designed to be mounted wherever you need quick access: in closets, under a bed, in an automobile or your motorcycle. When mounted properly, the Life Jacket device becomes a virtual gun safe, without the bulky size and allows you the quick access you need, when you need it.

Lacey Caroline

Up and coming Nashville Country Music recording artist Lacey Caroline joins Lefty & Mike Sodini at the "Leadquarters" next.  Lacey talks about her new release "Ain't That Girl", what it was like singing the National Anthem in front of President Trump, the music business and much more about Lacey.  Go show Lacey the Lead Head Brigade support by helping her promote her songs at

Hunting with the Beastmaster

You don't want to miss this hunting adventure story!  Nick Atkinson, Beastmaster Hunting, and LeadHead-Bill tell us about their recent hog and predator hunt in South Texas.  We talk about their gear, guns and ammo.  We find out what it means to do a "Billdo".  And of course we get side tracked and talk about leopards, crocodiles and more!

TLP 247 – BDH 1911, Wilder Tactical, Warne Scope Mounts


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  We have a great show this episode from the Kel-Tec SHOT Show "Leadquarters"  featuring Big Daddy Hoffman 1911, Jody Baucom with Weapons Junkie , Josh Van Heusen with Wilder Tactical, Leilani, Cory & Justin with Warne Scope Mounts & my Co-Host Chad Enos!

Big Daddy Hoffman 1911

Jody Baucom and Big Daddy come by to share some cool things they've seen at SHOT.  The Kel-Tec RDB-S and the Sig Sauer P365 being among them.  Big Daddy talks about his restaurant called RO's BBQ, best Curb-Service BBQ in North Carolina!  Big Daddy talks about some of his shooting range upgrades he's done using ground concrete as backstops. Video with range overview coming soon from Big Daddy!  Chad drops a knowledge bomb on us about Kel-Tec's  P11 9x19mm subcompact semi-auto pistol they released over 15 years ago.

Wilder Tactical

Josh Van Heusen, former Army Ranger Medic, joins the show next.  Josh brings his field experience in designing his gear.  Using a bungee cord retention system with his kydex magazine holsters sets Wilder apart from others you've seen.  By implementing the bungee system their holsters are flexible for use with magazines, first aid equipment, walkies/radios, handcuffs, pepper spray or even recording devices.  Wilder's articulating drop leg holster system moves when you move or bend.  Compatible with most holster manufacturers.  Their low profile belt systems features vertical laser-cut slots that accommodate ANY belt (up to 1.75”). The textured neoprene interior creates a comfortable non-slip system that eliminates the need for a velcro inner Belt.

Warne Scope Mounts

Leilani, Cory & Justin drop by the Leadquarters to talk about what's new.  Warne's fabled bipod is getting closer to market.  Legs are easily manipulated with one hand. It features ball and socket for full adjustment and movement.  The gang talks long-range precision shooting which Warne's Mountain Tech billet aluminum rings were made specifically for precision shooting.    All product backed by Warne's Lifetime warranty.

Lefty hits the Warne gang with some "New Guy" questions.  John Wick, Jerry Miculek, Pre 1964 Winchester model 1894, Glock 41, Aluminum Frames for Glocks, Mystery Ranch and more come up during this segment.

TLP 246 - Defi Deal, Gnat Warfare, CP Tactical & Republic Forge

TLP 246 Defi Deal, Gnat Warfare, CP Tactical & Republic Forge


Welcome back to the award-winning Talking Lead Podcast!  Just in time for your Memorial Weekend festivities.  Joining Lefty this week is Pepper to talk about her recent European Vacation and Jerommie Smith with Defi Watches dropping another spectacular Lead-Head-only-deal on his new "Classic" Field Watch.  Also this episode is Gnat Warfare, CP Tactical Solutions and Republic Forge.

Pepper's European Mis-Adventure!

Fresh from her tour of Paris, Athens & Rome Pepper shares some of her adventures with us...and mis-adventures...watchout for grabby cabbies!

Defi "Classic"

Jerommie Smith of Smith and Bradley/Defi Watches drops by to hit you Lead Heads with another astonishing deal on Defi's newest watch the Springfield "Classic" Field Watch.  You have to listen to get this limited time Lead-Head-Only-Deal!!

The Classic is under the Defi brand, but is the S&B manufacturing answer to the classic American field watch that has donned the wrists of men for almost 100 years.  Inspired by the same watch US infantry was issued standard during World War II, the Classic is a tribute to the heroes of the greatest generation.

Gnat Warfare, CP Tactical Solutions & Republic Forge

We continue Talking Lead's coverage of the 2018 NRAAM in Dallas at the Official "Leadquarters" Studio from Eagle Imports Inc. booth in this episode.  Joining Lefty is George Ford, CEO, of Gnat WarfareChance Paris, Owner, CP Tactical Solutions and Robert Maw, President, Republic Forge LLC.

Gnat Warfare: GNAT WARFARE was started by three friends who wanted more than fixed targets and clay pigeons to shoot at. Several cases of beer later, they devised a system of aerial and ground targets, powered by remote control.  hey now manufacture and sell ground & aerial tactical targets for purchase by military, law enforcement, and shooting ranges. And they host shooting events for groups.

CP Tactical Solutions:  An advanced certified Cerakote applicator, CPTS offer a wide range of designs and patterns from the exotic to the clean and simple.  CPTS can cerakote just about any surface except rubber.  There are about 90 different colors to choose.  CPTS also has trained and certified gunsmiths on staff for all your gunsmithing needs.

Republic Forge LLC:  RF builds world-class 1911 pistols made by Americans for the Republic. Their pistols are truly made in the USA, by hand, with American-made parts, one gun at a time, not by ten assembly line workers. RF pistols are not built for beginners. They are built for shooters.  RF puts a lot of rounds through each gun to make sure everything functions properly. They include a target from this first test firing to show you the incredible accuracy of their 1911s.  RF pistols deliver a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and custom craftsmanship.

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TLP 245 - Kris "Tanto" Paronto


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This episode we get to talk with the legendary Kris "Tanto" ParontoBroadcasting live on Talking Lead's social media from the Eagle Imports Inc. booth the Official "Leadquarters" of Talking Lead during the 2018 NRAAM (go to our Facebook page to watch the live feed). Much to the chagrin of Tanto's publicist what was supposed to be a 15 minute interview turns into a fun-filled full hour with this warrior.

With a standing room only audience we talk about everything from running to post traumatic stress (not a disorder: Kris explains) to Gangsta Rap, to Musicals, to being the best you can be to his new training company Battleline Tactical and much more!  We also get an exclusive #TantoTwerk

Kris "Tanto" Paronto

Tanto was part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, helping to save over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours. His and his 5 surviving team members story is immortalized by the book and movie “13 Hours” written by Mitchell Zuckoff

Before he was a security contractor, Tanto was a US Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Rangers are trained to lead by being pushed to their physical and mental limits so that they can perform against impossible odds in punishing situations.  In his book, THE RANGER WAY, Tanto shares stories from his training experiences that played a role in his team's heroic response in Benghazi as he explains the importance of demanding excellence when you commit to improving your life.


TLP 244 - NRAAM 2018 1-2 Full Conceal, Aklys, Inland, Hi-Point

TLP 244 NRAAM 2018 1-2 Full Conceal, Aklys, Inland, Hi-Point


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast.  This episode we bring you part 2 of our first day coverage of the 2018 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. from the Official "Leadquarters" at Eagle Imports Inc. booth.  Lefty and Mike Sodini host great guests like Aklys Defense, Full Conceal, Bersa Chat, Inland Mfg & Hi-Point.

Aklys Defense

Friends of the show, Joe Meaux and Charles Watson stop by to talk to us about their recently released AKSV Integrally Suppressed AK Rifle  "Velociraptor" and some new suppressors they have in the works.  Pilum M modular pistol can, Atlas 30 caliber user serviceable suppressor & the Kopis TI (titanium version of Aklys's proven .22LR suppressor).

MKS Supply

Bringing the firearms industry great products from Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing, LLC, Charlie and David sit down at the "Leadquarters" to talk about 10mm carbine, Pistol Caliber Competitions (PCC) and Era correct shooting competitions.

Full Conceal

New guy to the show but fit right in from the start, Trey Gingles with Full Conceal brought over their new M3D and M3S super concealable pistols for Mike and Lefty to gawk over.  Full Conceal has taken the popular G19 & G43 pistols and vastly improved concealability, comfort, safety, and firepower through their innovative reengineering process. Trey walks us through that process and the benefits of their pistols.

Bersa Chat

Eagle Imports Inc brings America great firearms from around the globe.  Bersa, Grand Power, Metro Arms Corp, Comanche, SPS, Llama and more.  With that many brands it just stands to reason you are going to have a large user and fan base.  Enter TuxAir owner and administrator of Bersa Chat the largest Bersa forum on the Internet.  JL shares his story of how and why Bersa Chat started and the great information available from this tight-knit fan forum.

Bonus question for you Lead Heads:  If you could be President for the day what would be your first Presidential act?