RLP 036 - Priming and Charging

Welcome to the Reloading Podcast.  Tonight Jim, Jason and Mike are talking about priming and charging (filling the case with powder) the cases.  

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Equipment discussed:

RCBS APS Strip loader, RCBS APS Hand priming tool, RCBS Chargemaster powder dispenser, RCBS hand priming tool, and the Lee Auto Prime XR



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RLP 006-Powder Introduction


Welcome to the Reloading Podcast 006 Powder IntroductionToday I am going to just cover a couple brief items regarding gunpowder.

History:  black powder in the 10th century by the Chinese.  It consists of saltpetre (potassium nitrate), sulfur, and charcoal (carbon).  the first uses were as signals or in fireworks, but then those pesky Europeans figured out we could use it to propel other things…

Smokeless powder:   In 1884, Paul Vieille invented a smokeless powder called Poudre B (short for poudre blanche—white powder, as distinguished from black powder) made from 68.2% insoluble nitrocellulose, 29.8% soluble nitrocellusose gelatinized with ether and 2% paraffin.  Wikipedia was used for this info….

Smokeless powder continues to be redesigned today by many companies and has different mixture ratios and ingredients depending on who makes it, but they aren’t likely to share those mixtures, its usualy more secret than the Colonel’s secret recipe…

Smokeless powder usually comes in a few different forms, Ball, and variants of Extruded, which can be anywhere from flat flakes to long cylinders depending on type of use and desired burning rate.

Here are a couple examples…

  • the ball is Winchester 748
  • The extruded flake is Alliant Unique
  • The extruded cylindrical is IMR 4350

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RLP 004 -Throwing A Charge

Today on Reloading Podcast Mike is going to demonstrate how to throw a charge…

 Throwing a charge is another way to say measuring out the powder amount for the recipe you are using.

For demonstration sake, we are just using a charge of 33.9 grains of Unique.  This is not for any particular actual cartridge but merely for demonstration.

First off I show the “powder dippers” in the Lee Improved Powder Measure Kit

Second I show how to set up the Lee Perfect Powder Measure Third I show how to use the Lee Safety Powder Scale And all along the program I am using my Hornady GS1500 digital scale I will update the notes with what I find from Lee on double checking the Lee Safety Powder Scale. Thanks for tuning in.