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Tonight the guys have are talking about loading pistol for competition.

  1. Hello, reloading podcast my name request for you for a show I'm fairly a couple years ago. I started shooting 3 gun. And that was pretty cool, then I found out I needed to reload a lot of bullets to support that happen, so I started reloading and I started listening to you guys and your show is really help me alot and in getting my reloading set up going and kind of get me up and running, and I feel pretty comfortable with where with where I'm at. But what I'm specifically like to request that you guys go into is to take a look at building up pistol loads for accuracy. In my freaking life, I do pretty good with therifleman shotgun, but there are times that I really suck the pistol. I've lined up a pistol coach to kind of work with me, but it also like to work it developing the most accurate pistol loads. I can for for competition. I'm looking to getting this my gPA. I really don't even gone down that path yet, but I'm kindof I'm going deeper into the competitive shooting rabbit hole and I want to know if there's a way to develop handgun load specifically like 9 millimeter to be as accurate as possible out of the pistol at outso is there like a ladder load system, or are there specific new ones to developing an Acura pistol load versus developing an accurate rifle loan from what I've seen so far and reloading pistol ammunition is a whole lot different than rifle, and I just wondered if that might be kicking around that. Might be better ifwe could show I would love to hear it. Thank you very much. Bye. Bye.

    1. How about a show diving into the nuances of developing the most accurate pistol ammunition possible? terry

  1. Reloading safety, and online corrections



The cause of dribbling powder on Dillon press

Message: Listening to one of the older shows, and the problem of powder falling out of the Dillon after case was charged was mentioned. The problem might be the upper edge of the powder funnel has a flat lip that acts like a ledge for the powder to sit on until it jarred off. Opening the flare of the funnel all the way to the edge, or polishing will probably fix it.  Robert B.


.45 acp case issues

I just finished listening to the most recent podcast.  With respect to the question about bulged and dinged 45 brass, the easy way to fix it is with the Lee bulge buster. In my opinion it is a safer method than a file.
















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