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Tonight the guys are answering listener questions.

  1. First time casting question
    Gentleman, I have been reloading for a couple years and recently decided to try casting. I picked up several hundred pounds of wheel weights and melted them down into ingots. I fluxed the lead several times before making the ingots and a couple more in the pour pot. I used Lee's 10 pound pot, the 230 grain 45acp 2 cavity mold and water quenched after they were cast. They measured a little heavy at about 232 grains. I then used liquid alox and sized them in the Lee sizing die. My test gun is an older Para Ordnance P14 that has had thousands of rounds through it. It has always shot great and is very accurate. My test load was mixed head stamp once fired brass, Federal large pistol primers and 4.4 grains of bullseye powder. I crimped on the top lube groove and the rounds measured 1.22 inches. I'm using a Hornady single stage press. I loaded five rounds and the fourth round did not fully enter the barrel and locked the slide up tight. I had to use a vice to force open the slide. When I loaded, I checked every fifth or so round but apparently that one slipped by. My question (sorry for the long lead in) is how do I make sure the bullets are the correct size and don't do this again? After I got the gun apart I found 2 more of my 50 test loads also were too tight. The three that shot gave a 1.5 inch group which is pretty normal for that gun. Thanks and keep up the good work. David Columbus Ohio

    1. Use the plunk test (drop the rounds in the barrel removed from the firearm)

    2. Buy this Lyman Handgun ammo checker

  2. I want to build a solid plinking load for my ar (5.56) using once fired military prepped brass. What are your guys thoughts on the best blend of accuracy (ballistic coefficient), cost, and versatility(most uses for that cartridge ).  I'm asking for the best bang for my buck in regards to projectile selections. Pedee

  3. Im looking to experiment  with IMR 4166 for my .308 WIN and 556 AR . Is there anything to keep in mind when using 1 powder for many applications? Pedee


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Title: Great Podcast

Review: This is one of my favorite podcasts and I always learn something. Thanks to all the hosts for offering a wide array of topics yet keeping it easy to understand for noobs like me.

Baked Disks Benson


Hey guys,
    I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. I've listened to the podcasts with Robin Sharpless and Phil Massaro twice. The information in both of them was so great!
When listening to Robin I can feel his passion when he talks and I thank him for sharing his time and his experience.
Phil Massaro held my full attention when he talked about barrel harmonics. I think that one subject would be worthy of a complete podcast.
It would be great if you could find a way to interview Veral Smith, from LBT molds as he has forgotten more about bullet molds and casting than most of us will ever learn.

Thanks for all you do,
Rusty Frederick


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