Reloading Podcast 119 - Bert Dobbins and Chris Hodgdon

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  Tonight the guys are talking to Chris Hodgdon of Hodgdon powder, and Bert Dobbins, inventor of the Fast Brass Master Plus 50.

  1. Fast Brass

    1. Dimensions 7” x 18” x 13”  32lbs

    2. Launched April 2016

    3. Will do all size brass up to .50 bmg

    4. Fast Brass You Tube channel

  2. Chris Hodgdon

    1. Tell us about the history of Hodgdon Powders

    2. Tell us about you, what do you do in your down time?  Do you get a chance to reload other than work related?

    3. Are the Enduron line of rifle powders intended to replace other older powers? If not to replace old type powders why create the line overlap? IMR powders

    4. I was told at the NRA Annual Meeting by a Hodgdon rep that Hodgdon is considering reformulating all of the extruded powders into short-cut versions that would have the same performance characteristics at the same charge weights while being much better for metering. He said that was "at least" 18-24 months away.

    5. Is there any real truth to the Internet-based claims that certain hard-to-manufacture powders such as HP-38 are being discontinued, either actively or through attrition?

    6. The powder test:  Open the container,  smell the powder, is it a reeking acid smell?  When opening the lid, do you see rust colored dust?  Pour on a white piece of paper and look for rust color.  Third, does the powder feel warm to the touch, if so it is very unsafe and could combust without a flame source.  Dispose of with local authorities if possible.

    7. What’s next?


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Thank you for listening.


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