Reloading Podcast 116 - Progressives in a quick

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are answering some google voice questions and comments.


  1. Is it okay to substitute Magnum small pistol primers in the case of small pistol primers

  2. Is there any good powder I can use in 9 millimeter 40 SW and 45 ACP?

  3. Hopefully in one of my next paycheck I will buy a Dillon 650. Can you please do a summary on how to setup your first progressive reloading press. See episode 040.

  4. I also think that it is really good to promote the NRA even though I sometimes don't like them keep up the good work I love your show and have tons more questions.

  5. Is "wild catting" a sexual euphemism for chasing strange women

  6. I am trying to speed up production on my single stage press. I also wonder if this product is worth the money vs the time it would save me or if I would be better off to save up and buy a Dillon system.or try some cheaper products to cut some time off production, Change production to the most efficient system? what do? I really love your guys show and look forward to every episode.  Pedee

  7. On a previous show you covered the topic of coating bullets before reloading. I want to try this. One method was simply spray painting the bullets and "baking" them. I would love to hear a detailed description of this on future show. Thanks for all you do! I love the show and look forward to every podcast. It is so entertaining and informative. Thanks, Jim from Missouri


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