Reloading Podcast 113 - shove that shoulder

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are talking about shoulder adjusting.

  1. Subject: Thank You for all the Good Information!

    Message: I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say how much I appreciate the information you guys supply in regards to reloading.
    I have been reloading for a few years, but you finally gave me the information and encouragement needed to start casting my own projectiles.
    I started by going over to the local tire shop with a case of loudmouth soup (beer) and a bag of deer jerky from last years buck.  This went over very well and they now set aside all kinds of wheel weights for me and I have developed quite the stockpile.  They also referred me to a local 'junk man' who has agreed to sell me all of his lead for the same price as what he gets at the scrap yard ($0.25 CAD per pound). He is super happy because he doesn't have to spend gas money to drive it into town, he gets a little more money in his pocket each month and I have a great lead supply now.
    In the past two months he has given me over 200#'s of lead and doesn't show any signs of stopping.  From there I rounded up a Turkey fryer and an 8" pipe cap. Using these items and some mini corn bread pans from the local thrift shop I set about making a mountain of 4# lead ingots.  Just today, for Father's day, my kids got me a Lee bottom pour pot, a 1 OZ shotgun slug mold, and some .452 300 and 230 gr molds for my .45 Colt and .45 ACP.
    I spent the morning trying out casting for the first time, and now have close to 1000 projectiles sitting in my shop. The process was smooth and easy with minimal hiccups, but only because of all the good information you guys provided in your casting reboot podcasts. The #1 thing I learned this morning was to make sure my mold was hot enough.
    Just wanted to say a giant thanks to all of you.
    Keep up the great work,
    -Chad in Canada

  2. Subject: Aluminum casings
    Message: Hi all. Great show and I am learning a lot. I started to collect brass for when I start to reload. Here’s my question, Can aluminum handgun cases able to be reloaded? Thank you for all of your valuable info.  Al

  3. Why should I just bump the shoulder back? Mike

    1. Hornady Bullet Comparator

  4. When picking the seating depth to still fit in the magazine, is it typically better to go short or longer? Mike


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