Reloading Podcast 111 - .223 v 5.56 load

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Tonight the guys are answering the .223 vs 5.56mm load question.

  1. I have a new AR-15 in 5.56 NATO. I understand that the NATO round is loaded to a higher pressure than .223.  My question is this: Can I safely load .223 brass to the higher pressure of the NATO round? It would only be fired in my AR. Bob T.

  2. My friend and I made it out to an 800+ yard range and shot at 800 yards for the first time in our lives. We were shooting a retired Remington 700 Police with precision factory loads but we have been looking into precision reloading for .308 so we can shoot consistent loads and maybe get a little more bang for our buck, literally. I know you have all covered reloading several times and Jeremy has chimed in but could you maybe get most of the nuances of precision reloading in a single podcast? We have a very experienced reloader helping us but he has not done much work on precision rifle reloading so you can assume a solid foundation when giving your answer. We are just looking for those extra things that take a great load and turn it into an awesome load. We are looking at 2000-mr with 178gr ELD-X bullets. Thanks. Josiah

  3. I had a number of disagreements with your answer to the question on .356 jacketed bullets from the .380 in a 9mm. First the plunk test, yes this is a concern, it has to fit yet the outer diameter for a .380 is .373 and for 9mm is .380, that being said the brass is tapered and thicker in the 9mm.the real concern with a larger bullet is the bore. Generally the bullets are the same diameter for 9mm and .380. Berry's bullets makes a plated lead bullet at .356" and Extreme makes a plated lead bullet at .355. Most Jacketed bullets for either caliber would be .355, but a .356 bullet would probably work as well but the pressure should be higher requiring a lower powder charge.I have run .356 Berry's bullets in my LCP and a Glock 42 with good success. That being said, Mike is ugly, Jim is old, Jason lives in Gun Hating CA. and Trevor lives in cold CA


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