Reloading Podcast 109 - Raffle and SAAMI

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Tonight the guys are talking about a raffle, and SAAMI

  1. Howdy Podcasters! I love listening to you guys! I'll miss Jason but Trevor sounds like he'll take up the slack just fine.
    As you would say something to someone at the range to help them avoid injury, I offer the following. At about minute nine of the last show I picked up on a little something. Jim gave out the recipe for a "stiff" load. As we all know there are many variables that can affect a particular load. Seating depth, bullet style and hardness, individual firearm peculiarities. Not to mention the possibility of a misprint in a reloading manual. I would think it unwise to give out data on an untested and unproven load. I would hate to see you have to deal with a passel of lawyers because some idiot screws up and points the finger at you. At the very least maybe give a disclaimer that the load was safe for you on the day you used it but might not be safe for anyone else. Good shooting guys! Keep up the great work!  Tim

  2. Subject: 380 Ammo in a 9x19 mm

    Message: Poor tolerances on many 380 Auto barrels led to very poor accuracy with a 0.355 bullet so some manufactures make 0.356" "380 Ammo." Groove diameters on 380 Autos have been measured as large as 0.362".

    SAAMI specs for 380 auto bullet diameter are .3565 - .0030; for the 9x19 bullet SAAMI specs are .3555-.0030. Should you fire .356 bullets from a pistol chambered in 9x19? NO! It is outside of SAAMI specs! Can you fire .355 bullets in a 380? Yes. It is within SAAMI specs. This was not a hard question to answer.

    I'd honestly like to hear you guys call each other out when someone provides poor advice. Who would slug a barrel by pouring molten lead into it? Seriously? I wouldn't want to fire +P ammo from a 9mm barrel that had 800 degree lead sitting in it. Why bother slugging the 9mm barrel when the bullet is outside of SAAMI specs for the caliber? Sure it would be ok to fire if the barrel groove diameter measured .356 or larger but what if the guy measured incorrectly.         

    I never hear you guys refer to SAAMI specs when you answer questions. Reloading manuals are frequently different or provide inadequate data

    1. SAAMI

    2. Cerrosafe chamber cast Alloy

    3. RotoMetals Chamber Casting Alloy

  3. I'm new to reloading and on a budget.  I've got a chamfering tool for a drill.  Can't I use this to trim also?  Do I need to invest in a trimmer or with a Gauge could I make this work two steps in one? Adam

    1. Lee Precision Gauge and Holder

    2. Lee Cutter and Lock Stud

    3. Lee Deluxe Power Trim

    4. Lee .223 Quick Trim Die


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