Reloading Podcast 107 - Monotype and boolits

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Tonight the guys are answering more emails.

  1. Hi Guys, Brewer Bill here.

    The other day I had to take a break from my brass prep operation while listening to your interview with Kevin Beebe. His information was so compelling that I dropped what I was doing and downloaded the Reloaders Workshop software. I also spent the next two hours watching Kevin's YouTube tutorials about the software. Wow!

    Jim, you said you were going to do the trial before purchasing the actual product. Don't bother. Just spent the fifteen bucks. At twice the price, his software suite is one of the best bargains, (next to the Firearms Radio Network), in the entire firearms world!  

    His software is comprehensive, flexible, and well thought out. Part load manual, part inventory control, part insurance record, part web resource, part ballistic data. Using Kevin's software I can consolidate most of my notes, bookmarks, spreadsheets, and scraps of paper into a "one-stop-shopping" reloading resource.

    I thought I recognized Kevin's voice, then I realized he is "Hornady Reloader" over on YouTube. His excellent tutorial on the Annealeez automatic brass annealer prompted me to purchase one of those machines. Great product. Maybe you could do an interview with either Kevin or the owner of Anealeez, Jeff Buck, about the Anealeez anealer.

    Thanks for all you do to make my hobby more enjoyable

    Brewer Bill, (AKA 00BuckshotBill)

  2. Using 0.356 Diameter Bullets in a 9mm

    Message: Again, I enjoy your podcast. Look forward to every episode.

    My question. Typically in a 9mm pistol you use 0.355 Diameter bullets. I was given a couple hundred rounds of 0.356 Diameter Winchester 95gr flat nose bullets that were for a 380 Auto. What are your thoughts on reloading these for my 9mm. Will this 0.001 difference be a problem. Will they chamber and fire okay? Before I reloaded any of these ammo rounds I wanted to check with you to get your thoughts. I am concerned they may not reload, chamber or fire properly. Thank you.Keep the podcast coming. Jeff

  3. Monotype metal bullets

    Message: I've been reloading for some years, and have come up with a question I've not seen before. I've been making boolits from some Monotype metal (about 78% lead, 14% tin, and 8 antimony) and they've been shooting OK. However, for .357 mag for example, in a mould that throws nominally a 158 gr bullet, it actually weighs around 145 gr with this alloy, so I've been using the 145 gr data. It suddenly occurred to me that that might not be correct: heavier bullets use less powder, as they seat deeper and have less internal space for gas expansion; using more powder could raise pressure to an unsafe level. My bullets, however, even though they weigh less, still have the profile of a heavier bullet, with less space in the case. Should I still be using 158 gr data? Or, if it has less mass to move, is the 145 gr data OK? I understand about backing off on the data and working it up and watching for signs of impending danger; I was just wondering what the schools of thought say about this. BTW, I'm shooting these in Ruger revolvers in .32 Mag and .357 Mag, and soon to cast some 9mm. I'd be real curious to hear some responses. Jon


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