Reloading Podcast 106 - crimps, Aussies, and voices

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Tonight the guys are reading emails and facebook messages.


  1. Hi Guys,
    First I'd like to thank Mike for helping me thus far with my crimping 9mm issue. I just read that crimping is not necessary for autoloaders. Is this true? Have I been wasting my time? I noticed that after seating the bullet the casing doesn't seem to go in any further when crimping, does this mean I could skip the crimping process?  Also, something weird happened when I was playing with my crimping die, the overall case length would increase after crimping?  I am using a lee crimping die that came in the 4 die set.
    I noticed that some dies on my press, Hornady LNL progressive, act differently when there is only one round in the press versus fully loaded.  Example, my seating die will seat to different lengths depending on if there is a round in the crimping die at the same time, is this normal? Should I be concerned?
    Mike H

  2. Just finished loading my first ever hand loads. 223 rem with Hornady 55grn soft point over ADI AR2208 with ADI new unfired brass. 50@25.5grn (min load as published by ADI) and 50@25.8grn. Both loads published by ADI and suggested by my local gunsmith and a mate as a good starting point for my Howa 1500 223 1:12 Not expecting tiny groups they're just for affordable(under $0.25ish/ea due to an awesome online find of pills, brass, dies and primers) plinking on an outback camping trip and teaching a mate(and his 2 eldest kids with the .22lr BL 22 lever) the basics. For serious shooting for the pot I have some factory loaded vmax rounds($2/ea!) that I know will group sub 2 moa @100m
    Reason I'm telling you all this is it's very much due to you guys on the podcast we(boss and myself) decided to set up for loading rifles and as soon as our H licenses come through we'll be loading .38 and 9mm for IPSC. Again partially due to you guys and Slamfire Radio both of which were on in the background as loading and will be on the truck stereo for the 1100 km road trip on Saturday.
    So thanks for starting over series ,the inspiration, information and entertainment and please keep up the good work. I have about 15 episodes left to listen too to have heard them all and looking forward every week to the new episodes.
    Rob the Pom in Australia.

  3. First Google Voice Message!!!!

Hey there guys. This is Petey from Idaho listen to your show, and I wanted to give you a report on the availability of different stuff my area. We got a Cabelas sportsman's lot of different local gun shops in Idaho falls, Shelly region and all those different places seem to have a pretty good selection of the major chain stores have everything on a different note on to gear reports. I just bought a hold of blue. I can't remember the name of the company is not Lyman, in but it's a a Frankfort Arsenal Tumbler stainless steel tumbler oooh never going back. It's best ever anyway. I really enjoy your guys's show keep it up you guys put a lot of really good details. Well thought out information form for beginners to people who've been doing it for years, so I appreciate your show and keep it up. Thanks. Bye!

  1. Hi Mike,
    I listened to the response to my question today (Episode 99) and had a few follow up comments.
    Obviously, nobody had tried it.  I suggest pulling the tool up on Google Images to take a close look.
    There are a number of points in this process where inexpertly handling your tools will muck up your results.  Yes, I guess it's possible to damage the primer pocket with an RCBS Military Crimp Remover, but that's hardly a unique danger given all the hand operated steps in prepping brass.  In fact, it's self-bottoming, so you can't cut too deeply, and the business end is a cone with 45 degree slopes.  In other words, you don't get an affirmative bite of the cutting tool until it's fully seated.  It would be pretty difficult to ream one side of the pocket by accident, but I guess it comes down to how much that military brass is worth vs. how much your time is worth.  This is super fast and .223 is cheap.
    Jason really hit the nail on the head when he mentioned a brass prep center.  Those operations are also done by hand, and if you look at the head of a primer pocket uniformer you see a lot more opportunity to ruin the primer pocket during this step than during decrimping.
    I also don't see the miniscule amount of brass removed as affecting accuracy, especially as it's mostly crimp, and all of it's coming from the top of the primer pocket, not the bottom.  If I were crushing primers, I could see that theoretically having some bearing on accuracy as the primer expands up into the removed brass, but there really isn't much removed brass, and the effect on accuracy, even in this extreme event, should similarly be small I would think. I'll report back if I have any ruined pockets, complete with percentages, because I'm not seeing it as much of a risk after the first 750 or so.
    Smiddy Wesson

    PS:  I forgot to pass along that you want your bench press at it's lowest RPMs.
    PPS:  Safety:  No "Jeremy finger" yet.

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