Reloading Podcast 104 - The 3 amigos ride again

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are answering some emails.

  1. Subject: Scope tubes, thread lockers
    Message: Hi fellows,
    I believe it was in episode 99 there was some discussion about how much, or rather how little force is required to firmly mount a scope tube in the rings. While Loc-Tite certainly is a tried and true product, may I suggest RTV silicone. The background on how I came to use it is when I was crewing for and prepping a Datsun 510 in SCCA Regional racing a few years ago, we had continual problems with the oil pan bolts loosening due to vibration. With a rubber gasket the goal is to compress it, but not so much it is extruded out. It needs to be snug, but not clamped down, much like a scope tube. We first used Loc-Tite Blue, then Red, but the heat and vibration was too much, and once the bond broke, the lightly tightened bolts backed out. We tried using Hondabond HT as I work in a Acura/Honda shop and had it on hand, it is similar in consistency to Permatex Ultra Gray or Ultra Black, and found that it allowed enough 'rubberiness' to allow the fasteners to torsionally vibrate without turning loose. I have since found it indispensable for other applications that require a snug tightness, or components that need to be disassembled and reassembled often without fear of stripping screws or breaking bolts as can occur with Loc-Tite Red, or heaven forbid Green.

    I enjoy the show. I loaded 20 Gauge growing up, but have not pulled my first lever on pistol ammo yet. I am in the learning, listening, reading, researching phase. You guys are great educators, with safety always as a prerequisite.


  1. Subject: Primers not firing

    Message: I load 380 Auto, using CCI Small Pistol Primers, 3gr Bullseye Power 100gr FMJ. I am shooting a relatively new Ruger LCP with maybe 100 to 150 rounds thru it. Recently I had three (all loaded at the same time) that did not fire. The primers were hit and looked like they should have fired but did not. I pulled the three bullets apart, everything looked as it should. I put the empty casing into my Ruger and pulled the trigger the primer fired.
    Any idea why the primer did not fire the first time around?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



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