Reloading Podcast 103 - rifle vs pistol casting


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Tonight the guys are talking about differences between casting for pistol vs rifle.

  1. Pistols

    1. More forgiving in regards to alloy mix

    2. Don’t get pushed as fast

    3. Most people don’t necessarily put as much effort for precision  

  2. Rifles

    1. Jim uses extra Linotype in rifle bullets

    2. Usually going to need gas checks

    3. Usually slower due to smaller qty molds



Subject: Painting cast lead bullets for pistol? Whaaaaaaat?

Gents, and Trevor.....and Mike

Now the best international pro-gun podcast eh? Hmmm, sure why not, it's not a contest eh. LOL.

So that new guy Trevor had hinted around on his other podcast about the idea of painting cast lead bullets for pistol instead of using say Alox or powder coating.

So what can you tell me...or can you direct me to a previous show that covers the topic. I think you all said Jeremy talked about it previously?

Thanks gents

Bryan - aka "The Kilted Conquistador"


Subject: Ladder loads

Message: Hello, I am fairly new to reloading and will be doing my first ladder load for my 270 win. My question is if it is OK to take 10 consecutive shots knowing the barrel will be very hot by the end. Or should I shoot 2-3 shots at a time, letting the barrel cool in order to get more consistent results? Thanks David


Hi Trevor.

Brewer Bill Here.

I was listening to you on episode 101 of the Reloading Podcast, and had a couple questions regarding your .223/5.56 reloading process.


I too am using the WFT and the X-Die and I'm curious how you keep them set up. Do you keep the X-Die in a dedicated press? My situation is that I have brass that is ready for future X-Die processing, and other brass that isn't "X-Die ready" so I think I need to swap dies, thus changing the X-Die adjustment. I'd rather not dedicate a press to the X-Die, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. When I reload I use a single stage press to size the stainless steel cleaned brass. Then I trim, (great tip on setting-up the WFT), then prime, charge, seat, and crimp the round on my Dillon 550.


On a related note, the instructions for the X-Die are completely jacked-up. Every time I've talked to RCBS I get different answers as to how to set it up.


Thanks for everything you do for the shooting sports.

Brewer Bill

X-Die video


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