Reloading Podcast - 101 The Invasion is complete

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  Tonight the guys are finishing up emails from ep 100.

  1. Hey guys. I sent this in before but I’m assuming it was lost in the email problems described in Ep 98. Here’s a resend:
    Reloading Podcast Guys,

    Love the show!

    What are your thoughts on the future of powders -- specifically will the major industry players like Hodgdon retire older powders in the next few years? For example, Hodgdon came out with a whole series of IMR-labeled rifle powders in the “Enduron Technology” series (IMR4166, IMR4451, IMR4955, IMR7977) as well as CFE and CFE Pistol lines. Another example is Alliant releasing BE-86 and Reloader 16. It seems as if these moves possibly mean the end of some of the old, harder-to-manufacture powders in the various product lines. There’s some chatter on the various reloading forums that Hodgdon is looking to retire HP38/W231 for example, with Hodgdon themselves even stating in some venues they were going to discontinue it because St Marks doesn’t want to make it anymore. Any thoughts on this, especially if you have any industry insider contacts or could even get someone from Hodgdon on the show.

    Thanks Jason

  2. Name: Dave Kayser

    Email Address:

    Subject: Question about bullet length

    Message: This is a first time post from a new reloader. Here’s my issue:

    I went out and bought some coated 9mm bullets from ACME bullets (124gr) and Blue Bullets (125gr) and I couldn’t find any recipes for them. So I was trying to reason this out. I had a recipe for some Berry (9mm 124gr). My first thought would be use the same recipe. Figuring the cartridge press is based on cartridge volume I wanted to see if the bullets were the same length. I found out that the length was a bit different. Here’s my data after sampling 20 random bullets measuring the length of the 9mm bullets:

    Berrys 124 gr RN-FMJ:
    Min 0.584
    Max 0.588
    Ave 0.586255

    Max Diff 0.004

    ACME 124 gr RN-NRG:
    Min 0.5625
    Max 0.5715
    Ave 0.567475

    Max Diff 0.009

    Blue Bullets 125gr RN-NRG:
    Min 0.59
    Max 0.602
    Ave 0.5972

    Max Diff 0.012

    The values reflect the overall bullet length.

    My question is does the overall length make much difference to the formula. My guess is that it does. Thanks in advance for your input.


  1. Hey Guys

    Reloading is definitely a third hobby for me.  The ability to control so many variables appeals to my personality.   I like changing one thing at a time and observing the effects.  I also love being able to control those variables.   I trim all my cases to exact lengths.  I trickle my powder charges to the exact same amounts and ensure each cartridge is identical in overall length.

    I reload three different rifle calibers, .308 for both my remington 700 and my M305 (M14 clone) as well as 30-06 for my savage 111 and my Garand.  I also load .223 for my Thompson Center Venture Predator and my ARs.
    Two things I haven't gotten into yet is uniforming primer pockets or flash holes.  Does it help?  If so where do I get the tools and what are the they called?
    For my bolt guns I use Lapua and winchester brass exclusively.   The lapua brass is for my .308 only. For my semi-auto rifles I used mixed head stamp.
    Thanks guys and keep up the great work.  Trevor
    Lyman Flash hole deburring tool


JWB Military


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