Reloading Podcast - 100 We made it this far....

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are celebrating podcast episode 100

  1. Kelly Lynn from New Shooter Canada  So, on Episode 89 you were looking for ideas and suggestions for your 100th episode. How about each of you look back at your last 100 episodes and tell us who was your favourite guest, what was your favourite episode and give us your favourite tip for reloading (and yes we spell favourite with a U in Canada)

  2. Brian Fortin: Hi guys, Brian again. Today's observations are on military crimps. As you know, there are two different sized pockets, small and large. I researched the options: 1. Bench top swagers by RCBS and the Dillon 600, 2. the RCBS primer pocket swager, and 3. The RCBS Trim Mate reamer. I have come to the conclusion that the reamer is not only cheaper, but quicker and easier to use. I put the whole unit, not just the threaded end but the whole unit fit in the chuck, and removed crimps about as fast as one could handle the brass. This HAS to be the fastest method, it purportedly lasts virtually forever, and is super simple to use, AND it's the least expensive. Yes, the Dillon 600 doesn't remove any brass and reforms the pocket, but let's face it, the crimp is extra brass that won't be missed, and your time is best spent examining your brass and performing any one of the many real enhancements you can do to performance like annealing or measuring cases and sorting, rather than creating imaginary worries

  3. Hello Jim, Jason, Jeremy and Mike


Again, thank you for all you do and for producing the very best podcast in guns and reloading and actually my favorite podcast in any genre.


My suggestion for episode 100 is something like this.

I would like to hear a chronology of experience for each of the presenters.

What was your first reloading experience and what was it like for you, how did if feel, what was the hook that kept you going?  What was your worst experience reloading so far?  What happened, what lessons did you learn from that experience? What was your best experience or memory in reloading?  Teaching your son or daughter to reload?  Harvesting your first animal?  Winning your first competition?  Why was this moment so significant to you? What is number 1 on your reloading bucket list?  Swaging your own bullets?  Making a 1 mile shot?  Writing an instructional manual?  I look forward to hearing the answer to these questions

Best wishes guys. Brian Yamasaki


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Thank you for listening.


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