Reloading Podcast 270 - Sharenda Birts

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the guys are talking with Sharenda Birts.

  1.  Sharenda Birts:  Personal History of Reloading.  

  2. Ben Paulson posted in RLPGFB: I have an older Lyman 500 beam scale. Never had a problem zeroing it or verifying with the weights. I have one of the Lyman weight sets as well. Went to check it today before starting and every weight confirmed zero correctly except the 5 grain test piece and the 4 grain (2 of the 2 grains pieces). I cleaned all the weight pieces just Incase but still same results. The beam scale is about 20+ years old. Do I need a new scale?

  3. Travis Cress posted in RLPGFB: First time playing with compressed loads on a ladder load. Started at 90percent at coal of 2.170 by the time I got to my 95 percent capacity was seating at 2.175. Should I have adjusted the seating stem for the extra volume? Or should it all be ok seeing it’s only .005 in length ?

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