Reloading Podcast 267 - Barfight bolt vs semi

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Tonight the guys are talking about accuracy...

  1. Accuracy bolt gun vs semiautomatic,  for a regular shooter vs a reloader.


  1. This question is for mike I live down in Springfield il and I watched the first episode of the podcast the other day and heard that you are from Madison Wisconsin. I will be up there in October going to vortex for something and was wondering if there are any good stores for reloading supplies in the Madison area. Nick (patreon)

  2. I recently built my first 6.5 Creedmoor and will likely begin reloading for that caliber. I have a good bit of fired casings from 243 Win (a caliber we shoot but don’t reload) and 7mm-08 & 308 Win (which we don’t shoot). If lengths are managed, can these be renecked to 6.5CM?  I’ve renecked 30-06 to 270 Win, but in the end I just built up enough stock of 270 to not worry about having to convert 30-06. I’ve also converted 223 to 300 BLK with good results. But with the aggressive Creedmoor shoulder, this seems like it may have a high crush rate and just may not be with the risk. Thoughts? Thx, TJ

  3. Just to point out my opinion on this which I have done many times !  What I have found is with 69smk it’s very hard but can be done but it gets down to 45 ACP velocity by that point. The best setup I have found is using 80 ELD for 900 -1100 yards which is the farthest range I have to shoot now ! My 80eld load for my 223 rem I have .9 mil of wind hold at 1000yards and 8.7 mil of drop with repeatable results and NO 2x4 to open any bolts lol ! Compared to my 6.5 creedmoor with 140 ELD I have .6 mil of wind 8.0 drop this is all with a full value wind of 5 mph . Guess my point is that with a heavy bullet if you have the correct twist rate of 1-8” or better 80 elds will do fine at my elevation which is 800 feet above sea level. I’m actually still super sonic at 1100 yards with a velocity of 1287fps at 1100 yards But of course elevation can play a part in this but definitely doable with great results! The reason viable option is COST as being reloaded I like saving money lol.  Yes it’s not as good as the 6.5 creedmoor but it’s not that far off and you can look at it as good practice and you learn the wind better with a bullet with less ability to buck the wind but I must say .3mil difference between the 223 and the 6.5 CM it’s not to bad at all if I must say! As a side note, check into the Sinclair Mandrel die and mandrels they sell as I have started using them to set neck tension they have improved my ES AND SD a ton SD in the single digits just something you all might want to experiment with it is one more step as I you take the sizing button out of the sizing die and use this as a final step ! The reason is it sets the neck tension on the down stroke and not in the up stroke which could throw your shoulder bump off when pulling the button back threw the neck. Also you have all the imperfections pushed back to the outside of the neck instead of them maybe pushing on the bullet which can cause inconsistencies in your neck tension! Either way keep up with the good podcast and if you're ever in southern Indiana hit maybe we can shoot on my range! Aim small miss small ;) Sincerely, Adam

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