Reloading Podcast 266 - oddball go no go

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Tonight the guys are talking about go no go gauges, and other things.

  1. Does anyone load for the .38 S&W?

  2. Paul Nelson posted on RLPG FB: This question is for Jim Fleming;  When you formed your 7mm AI brass why did you use the corn meal vs just shoot a bullet down the barrel? By shooting a bullet you could form the brass, break in the barrel at the same time. I've reloaded a few wildcats in my day and except where the shoulder was moved foward and the neck reduced  I loaded up a bullet in a near normal load and fired it. Examples .223 AI I just shot standard of 223 loads, same with 22-250 AI along with 6mm Remington AI. Other wildcats like 30 and 357 Herrett have a rim but I still used a handloader to expand out the case. Cases like the 6 mm bench rest I needed to do the corn meal and wad to format cases do to case neck thinking when forming cases from 243 Winchester once Remington stopped producing bench rest brass that was prethinned in production.

  1. Hello All, A friend of mine recently got ahold of a type 99 Arisaka in 7.7 jap. I suggested he get a headspace gauge set as the bolt is not matching to the rifle so he could check headspace before we went shooting. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any gauges available from the leading manufacturers as it’s not a SAAMI registered cartridge. This led us down a rabbit hole of questions that I’m now pitching towards y’all. 1-Since 7.7 jap is not SAAMI, how do we determine a “safe” chamber? We’re not worried about the strength of the rifle, but the potential for failure of the cases, as he will be reloading.  2-RCBS offers reloading dies for 7.7. What are the dimensions of the dies if there’s no SAAMI spec? 3-Do you think RCBS or other die makers would provide their data for a toolmaker to make custom headspace gauges to match a die set? It appears that companies would make custom gauges, but we have no dimensions to provide them. 4-What dimensions would ammo makers, such as Steinel or Norma, use when making this Non-SAAMI ammo? Other than 7.7 and 6.5 jap we aren’t sure how many other cartridges are out there with this issue, or if others have figured this all out and we’re late to the party, but we’re hoping you guys can give some insight.Many Thanks! Sean   












23 deg

















Max Case



Trim length



    1. 7.7 Arisaka Go No Go

Cartridge corner:The 6.5×53mmR or .256 Mannlicher is a late 19th-century rimmed centerfire military rifle cartridge similar to other early smokeless powder designs. It was the first of a series of 6.5-millimetre (0.26 in) Mannlicher cartridges[1] and became the standard Romanian service rifle cartridge from 1893 to 1938,[3] and the standard Dutch service riflecartridge from 1895 to 1945.[2] Dutch ammunition with cartridge cases made of brass (pre-occupation) or steel (under German occupation) may be encountered on the American surplus market. In both instances, the primer pocket is Berdan-style, of an unusual type (Roth-patent), and features a central flash hole running through the center of the integral Berdan anvil. When examining fired cases from the inside with a flashlight, this design gives the false impression of a Boxer primed cartridge case.


For the handloader, Boxer-primed cartridge cases can be made by resizing and trimming .303" British brass. 



Military cartridge


Military rifle cartridge[1]

Place of origin


Service history

In service


Used by



Kingdom of Portugal[4]


Aceh War 

World War I[3]

World War II[2]

Production history




Case type

Rimmed, bottleneck[5]

Bullet diameter

6.65 mm (0.262 in)

Neck diameter

7.55 mm (0.297 in)

Shoulder diameter

10.75 mm (0.423 in)

Base diameter

11.48 mm (0.452 in)

Rim diameter

13.4 mm (0.53 in)

Rim thickness

1.25 mm (0.049 in)

Case length

53 mm (2.1 in)

Ballistic performance




Bullet mass/type




159 gr (10 g) RN

2,433 ft/s (742 m/s)

2,050 ft⋅lbf (2,780 J)


Source(s): Rifles and Machine Guns[5]

.256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Reloading Data[6]



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