Reloading Podcast 261 - What we load

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the guys are talking what they load, and humidity.

  1. Don posted in RLPGMW Maybe it's just my opinion, but I really think you did not do the 7X64 Brenneke any justice in the latest Cartridge Corner.

  2. I've been listening for a couple of months now and really enjoy the podcast. I also contacted you about my 10.5" AR15 that shoots well at 500 yards. I was using some factory 55gr 223 rounds as I had run out of my hand loads that day.  Any way. I just finished building my 6.5 Creedmoor Stag 10 with a 19" barrel 1/8 twist. I didn't even buy factory ammo for it and just got some new cases (50 Hornady and 50 Federal) and some 100gr Hornady ELD Match bullets. I already had the primers and powder so why buy factory. Now that I've put a 100 rounds through it and got it generally sighted in for 500 I'm wondering where to go to next. There are so many different bullets from each maker and testing them all will take forever. Normally I mostly do target shooting but I will also use this gun for hunting deer this season. So with all of that. So for the summer I just want to try and do some long range target shooting to get better at it where should I start? Should I pick the bullets with the highest BC? Do I look for a bullet that has the best speed? I'm not new to shooting but I've never really tried to do much in the way of long range precision shooting. Thanks for your advice. Stephen

  3. Paul Nelson posted in RLPGFB:  What do you shoot in rifle calibers?

    Me 223/556, 308, 6mm Remington, 22 Hornet, 22-250, 30 06, 280, 7 mm Remington mag 243 Winchester, 25 06, and 300 Win mag.

    That is what I shoot in order of most to least.

    New ones coming up are 6XC, and 6.5 x 47 once the barrels come in.

  4. Nathan Muller posted in RLPGFB:  Question for the group-

    I live in a high humidity environment, Houston TX. We’re currently remodeling our house- and I’ve been told that I’m good to go to do whatever I want with the garage- it’s my space.

    That being said- I’m concerned about storing powder and primers out there. Is that a justifiable concern? Should I store them inside?

  5. Rodney Mullannix posted in RLPGFB: I am loading for my 6.5 creedmoor. I’m using 130 free ELD bullets and I’m 4451. My best group is at a charge of 43.5 grains.

    The Hornady and Hodgdon data said that is over the max charge but Sierra data says 43.7 is. I’m using Norma brass and have not had any sticky bolt or flattened primers. Am I ok with this load?

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