Reloading Podcast 259 - basic hunting load question

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Tonight the guys are talking about a couple hunting loads.

  1. Just settled on a Glock 40 10mm pistol for handgun hunting. Since I reload most all of my needed ammunition, I seem to be at a loss for hunting powerloads as compared to Underwood and Buffalo bore. I've been reloading most all of my pistol/rifle ammo due to lots of published information but 10mm seems to be limited in recommendations....... Scott M.

  2. Big fan and Patreon of the podcast and FRN. Really enjoy all your content and the banter. I appreciate your attention to detail and accuracy of information. For context, before I get to my question, I have about a decade of reloading experience, loading common calibers like 45 ACP and 5.56 on a Dillon 650 and handloading niche calibers like 5.7x28, 458 SOCOM, and 45 Raptor on a single stage.  I just bought and am breaking in a Q Fix bolt action in 308. 16 inch barrel, 1:10 twist, and I run a SilencerCo Omega 30 on it. I want to take this hunting this fall, Elk. So, I am looking to work up a hunting load for the rifle. What I am looking for is a bullet recommendations to try out, and do ladder loads with. I was thinking of something in the 168-175 grain area, and I don't plan on taking any shots past 400 or 500 yards.  My first thought was the Barnes TTX and Varget, but happy to take any suggestions. I want to try out a few things regardless. I have chrono'd some factory Federal 175 grain match ammo, getting velocities about 200-300 fps slower than on the box. Makes sense with the barrel length. Of note, I'm putting rounds on top of each other at 100 yards, so it shoots fine. Additionally, figure that I am taking shots at 5000-7000 feet elevation.  Any starting suggestions would be much appreciated. Nick M

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