Reloading Podcast 258 - forming brass from other brass

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Tonight the guys are answering questions.

  1. Conversation about the best twist rate for a standardized bullet weight: That does make me wonder if you had a custom 1:10.25 barrel made, how much better would it do than a regular 1:9 twist? Are we talking 1 MOA difference or 0.1 MOA?

  2. Jordan Baker posted in TRRFB: Needing some advice/help with forming brass. Recently picked up a Arisaka Type 99 to add to my military collection. Read a few articles on forming 7.7 jap from 30-06.

    Trimmed down a case and applied RCBS lube to it and ran it thru a 7.7 jap die. Mouth sized fine. Shoulder got set back fine. But I can not get the entire case to feed into the die. I lack about 3/4 of an inch.

    Is there anything special I need to do to the die as far as adjusting goes or is there something else I’m missing? As now right now, the brass will not feed into the gun. Thanks a lot.

  3. Attention Chris Sharpe, hold off on the Annie Annealer, I just got an Annealeze, and let me anneal a few cases and we’ll do a review of it on an upcoming show?

  4. John Normoyle posted in TRR MeWe Group: Crazy question. I used to have an app that searched for the best deals on reloading components. For example, .223 cal 62 grain bullets. It would give a list of say 10 places. The cost per box, the cost per bullet and a link(?). For the life of me i cannot find it on my phone and a search of the play store (android device).

    Does anyone have any clue what i am going on about?

  5. Ryan Beasley post in TRR FB:  7.0gn of trailboss in a .44mag is weak! Should I go over the chart or switch powders?

  6. Brian Shepley posted in TRR FB: Thinking of starting to load shot shells. Thinking of taking up skeet shooting and thinking of saving some coin. In doing a search of the forum, I see Lee Loadall and Mec 600 Jr being pretty popular. Is there a better one?

    1. Lyman 5th Shotshell Reloading Manual

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