Reloading Podcast 256 - Taking out the crimps

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Tonight the guys are answering more questions.

  1. Rusten Bullard posted in RLPG Gentlemen. Today was a ground breaking day. I’ve been catching brass for some time now. Collecting equipment. Painting the room. Drawing the plans for the bench. Today I sorted brass. Today I tumbled my first brass!.

    I’m really excited about the endeavor.

    If you could indulge me please. What percentage of you do the majority of your reloading sitting on a stool vs standing at your bench? I’m trying to establish an appropriate height for my bench. Your bench height references would be helpful as well. I’m 6’ tall.

  2. Tom Pedersen posted in RLPG : Removing primer crimps is the worst. I have an RCBS swager and a Lyman reamer.

    Usually I Chuck up the reamer in a drill and run them through cause it's faster than swaging.

    Anyone have tips/methods that make this suck less?

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