Reloading Podcast 249 - You can't shoot cast in that.

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Tonight the guys are talking cast bullets in Glocks.

  1. Hi guys. Long time listener and I greatly appreciate what you all bring to the shooting community. My question is about loading 9mm. I’ve been reloading 45 acp for years. I enjoy it, find it relaxing, and have developed loads for specific pistols for accuracy and function. Just purchased a Glock 19 gen 5 and was wondering if it’s worth reloading 9mm for it. Cost is not a deciding factor, but more so my confusion on their marksman barrel. Research tells me folks are scared of reloading lead cast for Glock’s, and of course Glock says no way. I think most of these concerns are for folks that don’t clean their barrels after every trip. Is it worth reloading 9mm any more?  And if so, as long as I am careful and work up loads properly, and clean my barrels after every trip, any reason not to use reloads in a Glock gen5? Any input would be great. Many thanks. John

  2. Hey guys, just got my first press(simple L-n-L classic) and I just cleaned a bunch of brass that I’ve been collecting(my own) for a year now. I’m wondering, I may not reload for a week or so, should I lube after it’s dried from cleaning, or wait till I’m actually going to load? Thanks. Will P.S. Every one of you are nuts and you need to go daily! WE NEED YOU!!!!

Cartridge corner: 25-35 WCF

Cartridge Type: Rifle

Height: 2.043"

Width: 0.506"

Average FPS: 2230

Average Energy: 1292

Average Gr: 117

Recoil: 1.18

Power Rank: 2.61 of 20

The .25-35 Winchester Center Fire (WCF) was designed in 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifle. The parent case is a large rifle primer based off the .30-30 with a .258 inch (6.6mm) round. The ballistic performance based off four grain type of velocities for a 24" barrel are 3,026 ft/s (60 gr), 2,815 ft/s (75 gr), 1,513 ft/s (90 gr), and 2,357 ft/s (117 gr).

Production on the .25-35 WCF cartridge ceased after 1940, but Winchester reintroduced it in 2005 just before the company ran into financial trouble. Browning picked up the rights to manufacture rifles for the .25-35 WCF under the Winchester name, and commercial factory loaded rounds are still available. Handloading brass/rounds are available from dealers such as Sierra, Hornady, along with Mt. Baldy Bullet Company.

The .25-35 WCF can kill medium sized game up to 100 yards distance and small game up to 200 yards distance. It is better suited as a small game or varmint hunting rifle when using commercial rounds. Hand loading rounds have been able to produce higher velocity shots with deeper penetrating wounds on targets further out than 100 yards.


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