Reloading Podcast 246 - Moist Nuggets

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the guys are covering reloading apps and Mosin Nagant chambers.


  1. Reloading phone apps: I just found Dillon precision app in App Store, they have one in google play. Very versatile. AmmoSeek Is pretty good at finding component prices too. Dillon app can even calculate power factor. I need to check on a shot timer for range. Daniel

  2. Message: Hello Gentlemen, Love the show. Question: I measured my mosin chamber using Sinclair chamber length gauge. I'm reloading once fired 7.62x54r brass. My fired brass is more than .030 shorter than the Sinclair gauge measurements. Do I trim my brass to a similar length or keep the once fired brass as is until I reach the trim to length? I ask because my once fired brass is not all uniform in case length. If I load these as is, will accuracy suffer due to the brass being different lengths? Hope that makes sense! I realize a mosin is hardly a precision instrument but learning the basics before trying on a better firearm. Thanks! Erik

  3. Hey guys, I have been listening for a while now and like what you guys are doing. I have been reloading since I was 12 with my dad. I have only reloaded rifle rounds for hunting various critters in Oregon and now Idaho. 220 Swift, 243 win, 260 rem, 25-06, 270 win, 30-06, 300 rum and most recently added the 280 Ackley.  It seems that you guys are mostly into pistol stuff but I hear of an old timer in your midsts that has a 280 Ackley. Lol. I’m just curious of your personal process of getting your loads up and running. This is my wife’s new elk rifle and have worked up a load for the 168 gr AccuBond long range bullets. I was just interested in how you set yours up.  Rem 700 action, 24 in kreger w 1 in 9 twist sitting in a bell and Carlson stock. Timney trigger. Keep up the good work!! Tyler in North Idaho

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