Reloading Podcast 241 - pistol and rifle loads the same

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Tonight the guys are answering the question, can I use the same load in my carbine/rifle as my handgun?

  1. Michael Meyn via Gmail

    Hello Gentlemen, I am getting ready to start loading for the wife’s BG38. Is there really much advantage to working up a ladder load for a short barreled revolver like the BG38. I ladder load everything else but am not sure if the short barrel will have enough accuracy to make it worth while? Your knowledgeable opinion would be appreciated!

  2. Craig Findlay sent via email
    Question.. 38 special/357 reloading

    Message: I shoot revolvers and lever action with .38 special and .357 magnum... any tips or thoughts on differences/similarities, and thoughts for reloading for both? any tips for one or the other or both? obviously, the barrel lengths have velocity effects, and maybe govern if the powder gets all burned or not... similar question regarding 30 carbine.. my M1 and Blackhawk....

thanks! love the show

  1. Rusty created a poll in RLPG

    Lead Free Barnes bullets in a 6.5CM what would you prefer for hunting mule deer? Lite and fast or heavier and slower. The solid bullets tend to need more velocity to expand properly and also seem to retain their weight better after impact. I am going to load all three options and see what my rifle likes and try to judge the impact energy somehow.

  2. Dave posted in TRRG CASE LUBE... Hornady One Shot or Redding Imperial?

  3. Joey Commesso posted in RLPG

    What's the best book to consult with for loading 45 lc. Lyman, Hornady and nosler aren't very helpful. I don't honestly know where to start. There has to be a load difference from a 45lc pistol and the Winchester cowboy action rifle right ? I'm loading for the rifle only.

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