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Tonight the guys are talking with Loads Of Bacon, You Tuber and creator of The Reloader’s Network.


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Cartridge Corner Notes: 22 Varmiter or 22-250 Remington, a wildcat round that went legit. Originally designed in the 1930’s the 22 Varmiter was to be the 220 Swift but the designer Capt. Wotkyn was shot down by Winchester but used the name 220 swift on Winchesters 6MM Navy Case necked down and shortened to 2.20” and Necked down to .224. Wotkyn, not giving up worked with noted handloader, J. Bushnell Smith and Gunsmith Jerry Gebby. Using the Savage .250-3000 case Wotkyn orginaly wanted to use the three of them perfected the 22 Varminter  going so far as to copyright the name. Phil Sharpe noted gun writer and ballistician became involved when Gebby built him a rifle in the cartridge. Sharpe was working with the 220 Swift at that time and noted that the Varmiter was far more flexible than the 220 Swift. The Swift need to be loaded hot to reach it potential, whereas the Varmiter was flexible in loading from 1500 fps to 4500 fps. Plus case stretching was held to a minimum along with throat wear, due to it’s 28 degree shoulder. Barrel life was greater again due to it steep shoulder angle, the 220 Swift was having problems in those days with shot out barrels. His comments that the Varmiter was a perfect balance of primer, bullet neck length, body taper, load density and shoulder angle.

Accuracy was excellent and Phil pronounced it as the most outstanding cartridge development of the past decade. He was looking for it to become a factory cartridge. He had a long wait it wasn’t until 1963 when Browning Firearms brought out the 22-250.  John Amber in the 1964 Gun Digest said that Browning was asking for trouble with the release of the 22-250! ( John Amber was a friend of mine, during the early days of my shooting hobby)

Finally in 1965 Remington made the stepchild a legitimate cartridge. Today it’s not the fastest 22 centerfire or the most accurate but given the amount of ammo that is sold the 22-250 beats the 220 Swift and the 22 PPC in all factory guns.

Reloaders have lots of choices in bullets and powders, little 35 grain pills to 63 grain round nose for factory barrels. Standard loading of a 55 grain bullet will get you to 3600 FPS to 3800 FPS, take it down a notch to a 45 grain load and you will see 4000 FPS. Powders IMR’s 3031, 4895, 4320, 4064, 4350. ( Once saw a handloader dip his 22-250 case in a cup of IMR 4350 filling right to the top of the case then seat his bullet. Hodgden Ball powders Like H-380 named after Bruce Hodgdon’s load of 38.0 grains behind a 55 grain bullet, H414, BLC-2, and his IMR powders.

Limitations of the 22-250 is barrel twist as 63 grain semi pointed bullets are as heavy as you can go, unless you can get a faster twist barrel. Standard twist is 1-14”, a 1-12” or even a 1-10” twist might be better with bullets we have now.

My Loadings have been for Prairie Dogs so I don’t worry too much about twist rate. I shoot mostly 55 grain flat base bullets and 50 grain boat tails. Some 55 grain boat tails are too long for 1-14” twist.

Loads Please note most if not all are over maximum book

WW case       WLR primer shoulder set back .001 in re-sizing

WW760 40.1 grains, 55 grain Hornady spire point   Velocity is 3800 26” barrel

IMR 4320 34.5 grains, 55 grain Sierra Blitz King Velocity 3650     26” barrel

H380 42 grains 50 grain, Hornady plastic tip                         Velocity 4000 fps  26” barrel

Barrel Life

Prairie dog shooting I may go thru 200 to 500 rounds a day most barrels only last me 2 years at this rate.

I don’t shoot these rifles except for hunting and to check sighting in.

I look at barrels as a cost of the hunt so every couple of years a 600 to 800 cost is not bad.  Thanks to Paul Nelson for the information.


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