Reloading Podcast 229 - Powder or bullet

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Tonight the guys are answering more questions.

  1. Brandi posted: My boyfriend and I were pondering this last night, so I thought I would ask in The Reloading Room. Let’s say you've chosen a bullet and powder and gone through all the steps in varying charge and seating depth, only to come away with a lot of unimpressive groups. At that point, do you look at changing powder or changing the bullet? I would assume the latter, but I was curious about others' experiences and if putting a different powder under a given bullet could notably improve its performance at similar velocities.

  2. Has anyone loaded a 308 Win load specifically for wolf hunting? What bullet did you choose?

  3. Aaron posted in The Reloading Room: So I'm going to be building a new ar sooner or later the barrel is going to be 18.6” long with 1/8 twist just wondering your thoughts on bullet weight.

  4. Anthony posted in The Reloading Room: For hog hunting in dense timber which do you feel has the most potential and is either significantly more expensive to load for, 45-70 or 20ga sabot? I'm thinking of getting a TC Encore if that helps. Thanks for any help for input.

  5. Alan posted in Reloading Podcast Group: Listening to episode 227 (shotshell) tonight in the truck. Someone asked about the gas cylinder on the Hornady 366 and MEC 9000g presses. It's purpose is to smooth out shell plate rotation, not to control operating speed. I've got a 12ga 366 (1987) and a 2001 20ga 9000g. At high production rates, shot can fly out of the hulls on the 366. Although I haven't run the 9000g fast enough to worry about losing shot out of the hulls, i can see the difference the gas assist makes.

  6. Devin posted in The Reloading Room: My favorite load for my tikka t3 7mm rem mag was 52 grains of imr 4064 under a 150 grain sierra matchking hollow point. I made about 150 rounds! Great groups that touch holes at 100 yards...but my problem is that I just learned that those bullets are not suitable for hunting! I don't know what to do now!

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