Reloading Podcast 228 - intro to shotshell

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the guys are talking about intro to loading shotshells.

  1. Components

    1. Hull

    2. Wad

    3. Primer

    4. Powder

    5. Payload

  2. process

Cartridge Corner Notes:7 MM Remington Magnum

Based on the 300 H & H Magnum Case the 7MM Mag leaves the basic design of the case head but with reduced taper to the case body and a steeper shoulder. SAAMI and CIP specs differ on Chamber pressure with SAAMI MAP being less at 61,000 PSI and CIP at 62,366 psi, CIP Proof load is almost 78,000 psi (77,958 )

This is a flat shooting round capable  of taking all North American game and Most thin skinned African Game.

Little known to most but the 7mm Magnum is a fine target round if you can take the recoil, in fact the United States Secret Service used the 7MM mag as an Anti Sniper Rifle.

Barrel length should be kept at 24” or above with 26” being preferred (28” is even better).

Twist rate of 1 in 9” being standard but with the new longer match bullets you might want to go with a 1 in 7.5”.

Bullet weights range from 100 grains to 197 grains.

As a Hand loader we can tailor our loads to meet almost any game. For Ground Hogs to Eland, Dik-dik to Brown Bear.

Light weight 100 grain pills at 3800 fps to 197 grain match load at 2825 fps for a 24” barrel. I know of long range match shooters that use the 197 grain load that are getting closer to 3000 fps in 30” barrels.

It is critical that the hand loader resize his case properly, that means he should set the shoulder back between .001” to .003” and check bolt closure to make sure that the action cycles smoothly. A good reloading die for this is a Forester Full length sizing die that has been sent to Forester along with 3 fired cases, They then custom fit the die to the rifle chamber. Seating ,mag length and action configuration all play a part. With a good custom action, barrel and stock you can spend around $2600 to $3500 on a custom rifle that will last you and your family generations.


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