Reloading Podcast 224 - My plunk won't plunk...

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Tonight the guys are answering more questions.

  1. Rick posted: Hi all, novice question - I’m attempting to load 9mm rounds for my PCC, but nothing seems to pass plunk test. Using new frontier barrel, upper and lower. I know pistol caliber carbines are picky, but none of my coated and plated bullets will plunk in the barrel at different OAL’s. It will take commercial Aquila 124g RN with an OAL of 1.13 however. So my question is what are some thinner profile 9mm bullets out there for reloading? Anything I might be missing?

  2. Joshua posted: Looking for Advice on .45 ACP. I have read a couple of different opinions about crimping. Some opinions I have read say, “I have to Taper crimp”, and others tell me “Crimp doesn’t really matter so long as it works it works.” I am hoping all of you fine folks can enlighten me. I have been reloading rifle cartridges for awhile now, but I am brand new to pistol calibers. Seems like pistols have the potential to be simple. Should also mention that I am reloading for a 1911. Thanks in advance!

  3. Maverick posted: Yes brass prep sucks. Make sure y’all are careful when deburring and chamfering brass I slipped and my finger is now gushing.

  4. Miguel posted: Hey Folks -  Need some recommendations – I am getting ready to reload some 223 brass for my AR – was wondering – what DIE SET you all recommend? I have a single stage RCBS press.

Cartridge corner: .243 Win

Parent case

.308 Winchester

Bullet diameter

.243 in (6.2 mm)

Neck diameter

.276 in (7.0 mm)

Shoulder diameter

.454 in (11.5 mm)

Base diameter

.471 in (12.0 mm)

Rim diameter

.473 in (12.0 mm)

Case length

2.045 in (51.9 mm)

Overall length

2.7098 in (68.83 mm)

Case capacity

52 or 53[1] to 54.8gr H2O[2]

Rifling twist

1-10 to 1-8

Primer type

Large Rifle

Maximum pressure (SAAMI)

60,000 psi (410 MPa)


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