Reloading Podcast 218 - Did you write that down

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Tonight the guys are talking recordkeeping.

  1. Tim Talbot posted:

    Record keeping is something that I often don't do like I should. Most of the time, the only record I have of a load is the label I put on on the box, which is the one record keeping issue I'm actually good about. How many of you use commercially printed notebooks? How many use sheets printed from an online source? Have you laid out something yourself? Care to share your layout?

Mike I’d like to add a couple links here of info that I’ve created that folks can print for themselves:

This one is for the Shooters Data Book:


This one ^^^^ is public to anyone with the link:


    A listing of brass by the pound...


  2. Jacob from Reloading Podcast Group - Here’s a conundrum. It’s been rolling around in my brain. I have a sporter weight 7 Remington magnum. I upgraded the rifle through sales and falling prices in 2015. It’s a balanced rifle and handles super well until it goes off and rattles the shooter with a long recoil impulse and large report. I have shot one group with it that i am proud of as well as the highest scoring whitetail I’ll likely ever shoot. Here’s where reloading comes in. I’d like to load it to a lesser recoiling load but I’m aware that if the powder capacity is loaded to much less than 90% than accuracy suffers. So on one hand I struggle to be accurate with full power loads because of recoil, and then lower power loads are less accurate by nature in this big case. Any experience and thoughts are welcome.


  1. Gerrid from Reloading Podcast Group - Ok call me a luddite if you want but I've had it with my digital scale. Back to the the trusty 5-0-5. It may be slower but when your double weighing each charge because you've lost confidence, is it really? What scales are you guys using that you trust?




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