Reloading Podcast 211 - Nathan has returned

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Tonight the guys are answering emails.

  1. I have to start back reiterating that I love what you are doing. My comments about advanced info or techniques aren't so much "advanced", but the request is to include those bits of info like how to know you are swaging the primer pocket enough.....

    I could not find it online or in the instructions (Hornady LNL Swage Die Set) I developed my own method. I started looking at the primer pockets under magnification and turning the die in until I got some swage on all pockets. Those kinds of hints from your experience will really grow the show.

    Did you know that fl sizing can grow bottleneck cases several 1000ths longer, if the die is set too long? Did you know consistency of case lube application can greatly affect shoulder to case head variation? Surely you have found these and more. Sharing your personal techniques more can help us all grow, even if we can't use it directly.


  2. BrewerBill here.

    A couple of podcasts ago Jim F mentioned in passing machining he had done to a friend's reloading die. Do you think you could do a segment about Jim's machinist career and how it relates to the reloading hobby. I'm just a hobbiest/tinkerer, but I'd be very interested as to how a professional machinist approaches reloading.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen or heard the advice, "Just take it to your local machine shop and have them...". I live in the Chicago area, (apology accepted), and I don't even know how to find a machine shop, let alone how to approach them about doing reloading related stuff. In a nutshell; What mods might a machine shop do for a reloader? How does one find a machine shop? How does one approach a machinist about doing a one or two piece job? Who might benefit from having machine shop work done? What are some common machine tool process that are regularly performed by machinists on their own reloading gear as far as specialty tools and modifications.

    On a completely different subject, your segments with Mr. Sharpless are great. It's so nice of him to come on your show and give his insider perspective to the reloading world. He seems like a great guy willing to share his passion.I always learn something new when he is a guest.

    Keep up the great work.


  3. This is my first attempt at seating a bullet to be closer to the lands vs the books recommended COL.
    Gun is a Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor. Hornady brass with Hornady 123gr sst bullet.
    My max col with the bullet touching the lands is 2.855”. I am seating the bullet at 2.845 and the picture is what that looks like. Should I be worried how far the seating depth is from the cannelure? Hornady 10th edition book recommends a COL of 2.710”. Am I too far off on my COL VS recommended to safely reload at this length?
    Thanks for your help I have found your Podcast to be very helpful to the new reloader.

  4. What are some signs that the flash hole and primer are not center to the case?




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