Reloading Podcast 207 - What do you mean it shrinks?

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Tonight the guys are answering some questions.

  1. My wife enjoys shooting my Marlin 336 chambered in 35 Remington. However, with the length of the stock and the amount of recoil, it takes its toll on her. She is on the petite side at 4’11” with length of Arne to match. I am currently loading 200 grain Hornady RN. I was thinking of trying out some lighter 357 bullets to maybe lighten the felt recoil so she can enjoy it more. Has anyone done this, and what were the results? It is an older gun (according to Marlin, 1952) and had sentimental value as it was my fathers. I don’t want to wear out the barrel.
    I am also thinking of getting her a 243, or a 6.5 with an adjustable stock that would be for both or us!
    Thanks for any input.

  2. James Seltzer shared a link.
    I have been behind on the podcast, life has been crazy. Anyways episode 193 there was discussion about trimming straight wall pistol case and whether or not they get longer with firing. I came across this article some time back. Basically this guy fired and reloaded a 45acp case around 50 times. The end result was that not only did it not get longer but it actually got shorter. The primer pocket got shallower too.

  3. Avery Lee Honeycutt
    Question: Do most of you clean your brass in a tumbler before you remove the primer and resize the brass? Or do you clean it after the primer is removed?

  4. Daniel Pate
    So here's the thing. I have helped my dad do reloading in the past and he has expressed I could use his bench any time. My dilemma is I don't generally have time to drive all the way out to his place. Second I live in a somewhat small apartment and don't know is there are reloading equipment I can fit in my work space. Can anyone point me in the direction of some space conscious equipment?

  5. Jeff Kiper
    Knowing what you know now. Would you start off with a single stage, multiple single stages, turret, or progressive? I plan in loading rifles , 300 blackout, 450 bushmaster. In the future pistols maybe. Low round count 300-500 rounds a year.
    The standard 30-30, 30-06, 223 ,243, 270, 7mm-08, 308, 9mm ,40 ,45acp, 357. I will be setup to load every round I have, even if I choose not to load them currently. One day I may be loading out of necessity.




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