Reloading Podcast 203 - Uh oh, the old people are in charge....

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Tonight the guys are without Mike and on the loose.

  1. Ian


  3. Question for the podcast. Newbie here. Best way to deal with static in your powder throwers and cases? I use a Lee Perfect Powder Measure. Static is bad when I change powders. Thanks. De W1JIW ( for those who know. 73).

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  7. Chris shared his first post.

  8. New Member · 9 hrs · Indianapolis, IN

  9. Hello all! I am wanting to get into reloading. I am looking at starting with a single stage press. I need help distinguishing between the Lee Precision Anniversary Challenge Kit II and the Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Kit. The Anniversary Kit is $120.59 on Amazon and the Breech Lock is $164.27. Is the Breech Lock worth it?

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  13. Joe

  14. May 8 at 11:44am

  15. Do you have to chamfer the brass every time you shoot it?

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  22. Greg

  23. 22 hrs

  24. What do you guys recommend for neck turning tools?

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  29. I have a Lee classic turret press which works well for me to learn on. A question I have is about crimps. I am currently reloading .38 using x-treme copper plated 125 GR. I have shot about 250 of them and they seem pretty consistent. I feel that since they are consistent I am good with that crimp, however I am getting ready to start reloading for my .45 and that could be a totally different story.

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  32. Another question concerning .38/.357, can I load the magnum cartridge the same as the .38 cartridge as far as powder measure or will it make a difference in the pressure in a detrimental way?

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  35. Another newby question--how often to change tumbler media?My Lyman tells me the brand for every bullet weight in all of its data. I would assume that's not set in stone, for example, should I decide to practice, and the Lyman lists hollow points for 180 grain bullets, I don't actually have to use HP rounds, as long as they are 180 gr bullets? Am I correct on this, or will this require corrective surgery? (I am aware cast bullets are a different beast)

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  37. I'm looking through online sources for components, midway seems fair enough thus far, but as always, you guys have more experience in this; so any more sources you know of? I watch a lot of threads on here, and I see several instances of your LGS being out of your favored powders. Now I realise experimentation is a big chunk of the addiction to reloading, and I'm all for it, but just in case what are some good online sources for that?

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  39. If you were building up a hunting load for your favorite rifle, on a blank slate, would you go for the bigger bullet? Of stay around factory ammuntion weights? What's the advantages/disadvantages of doing so?

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  41. If I wanted to try to replicate +P ammo (I don't at this time, but my EDC is rated for it, so trying it may eventually be a consideration) what would be a good manual, online or otherwise, that'd be a good and safe way to try to replicate them?

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  43. Is there a product that makes finding/picking up brass easier in grass? Or am I pretty much stuck spending more time hunting shell's than I am shooting?





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