Reloading Podcast 199 - why did my brass do that?

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Tonight the guys are answering some questions about goofy brass situations.

  1. Hi guys,
       Just wanted to say I love the show. It’s surprising how reloading has kept me lured in even after doing it for over 15 years.
        I have what I think could be classified as an advanced question, as it even stumped me when I was asked by a fellow reloader. The question came up when I was talking to a newer reloader at my hunting club range. He explained that after he flared the cases of his 9mm, when he would seat the bullet, that sometimes the bullet appeared to seat too easily. After he noticed this issue , he tried to push the bullet into the case farther and it moved. He didn’t crimp yet, he was simply trying to Check neck tension.
    Now the details:
    -Lee cast turret press
    -Lee 9mm die set carbide sizer with factory crimp die
    -mixed range brass
    -xtreme plated bullets
        My thoughts and possible explanation to him. Being that the case has a slight taper, that maybe he over flared the cases. He didn’t think he did. I told him to only flare enough to get the bullet to start. He was wondering if the brass could be worn out. Typically I told him I look for splits etc regarding worn brass. He bought it used as once fired. I never had the issue he has had.
    What do you guys think?

  2. Having a difficult time finding AOL for all these new size coated bullets.  I am trying to reload Bayou Bullets 120 Gr TCG 9mm, can I find the max AOL for my chamber by starting long and repeat plunk checks with small seating adjustments till I find the max AOL that will pass for the bullet shape?  I might be making this too simple, but can I just test for AOL and add a small safety factor?
    Thanks for you help, a loyal podcast follower. Daryl

  3. Dear Gentlemen,
    Thank you for the excellent podcast on reloading.
    I am a new hand-loader/re-loader and new listener.
    I just listened to your recent podcast on brass preparation.
    I have a question and a request.
    For the question:
    Multiple reloading books and resources
    Single stage 45 ACP brass
    Once fired (store bought then reloaded)
    Washed with SS pin fumbler and Dawn/Lemi-Shine (not excessive duration I think) and rinse with deionized water
    Fired from one of two newer Sig Sauer P220s
    Lee carbide resizing/depriming die
    Used Hornady One-Shot lightly at a 45 degree angle (allowed to dry) to make this step smooth (I know a little overkill)
    Tumble again to get the nasty primer pocket stuff out
    After initial cleaning and the combination resizing/depriming step, I have observed brass rings flaking off from the case.
    Obviously it is coming from the case mouth.
    At the end of production, I do a case gauge check so I know it is the right length. Fits beautifully.
    What is the case of this issue?
    My ideas on this anomaly:
    Low quality, thin brass that from the cleaning and die manipulation is simply failing and shearing
    Excessive cleaning (two cycles causing erosion)
    One or both firearms are an issue (not likely)
    Die is set incorrectly or too aggressively and tearing the case mouth (I believe I am pretty conservative in this regard)
    Regardless, I just ordered a brass trimming die from Lee to make sure my pistol cases are uniform and trimmed
    Best regards, Braden




Date: March 15, 2018
Author: Tangle Eye
Rating: ⭐⭐
Title: From mediocre to just bad

Review: I started listening to this podcast several months ago. This was, I think, before they started doing things live on YouTube. Back then, there was some decent technical information and discussion about the hobby even though things were a bit disorganized. Over the past several months the podcast has degenerated into private jokes and insults toward traded between the hosts, disorganized discussion that has a hard time staying on topic, one host in particular wanting to guide the discussion to show how much he knows whether relevant to the discussion or not and, worst of all, actually reading silly comments from those participating in the chat/comments feed to the listening audience. This makes me want to just turn it off. I’ll probably unsubscribe soon if things don’t turn around. They apparently only have one host that even reloads regularly any more. Instead of an informative podcast this has turned into a disorganized private discussion of little use to anyone seeking to learn more about reloading. I’d suggest the following: - Plan the episodes and be ready for relevant discussion rather than shooting from the hip, having the wrong examples, and appearing to be unprepared. - Get rid of the silly, juvenile, insults between the hosts. If you must do that, then have a session before you start recording. You sound like 8th graders in the restroom. - Stay on topic. If you are on camera there is no need to comment about what you see behind another host. - And for crying out loud stop reading what people are typing in the chat room. Those of us listening do not know these people and we absolutely donot care what they are typing unless it is a question or information relevant to the topic at hand.


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