Reloading Podcast 188 - The Pope is loose

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Tonight the guys are answering some more questions

  1. Well I’m new to reloading. Happy to have found y’all and hope I can get more and more info as I go. But anyway, this is my issue. My Pops gave me his model 94 375 Winchester rifle. I have coveted this gun since I was a teen and he handed it off to me recently at my ripe old age of 38, with a disclaimer. The ammo is scarce, and very expensive. However, he also gave me all the brass he ever fired through it, bout 80 or so, and a set of Lee dies and some bullets, powder, and primers. As far as I know he never reloaded anything so I have taken the dive. I was willing to invest a chunk of money seeing as how I will not be able to use this rifle for cheap anyway. I bought a Lee challenger kit and followed a recipe I saw written on the bullet box and another ammo box. 200 gr bullets, 33.5 gr of IMR 4198, and made 25 rounds which was all the bullets I had. I took it out back to shoot these homemade rounds and it worked! I’m fascinated and may be hooked and ready to reload for all my firearms now. Question though. That recipe that was scribbled across two boxes, I don’t see in any recipes I find on internet. What is the safety concerned here cause I need to know this before I leap forward. Does the danger come with powder volume and bullet size not working together, or is it simply inspecting casing, primer pockets, heads etc for issues? Id line to know this, cuz I want to cast my own bullets for this particular cartridge as well and am afraid to step outside of anything now that I know that recipe works great. It’s just for shooting and possibly deer hunting at close range, so precision is not a factor. I want to enjoy it, shoot it, and kill a deer with it sometime. That’s all. Any help on safety and how liberally I can load these 375 cases would be a great start to helping me understand this hobby I am about to become obsessed with. Thanks Chris

  2. Need recommendations for cleaning/preventing leading in my barrel & chamber. I have been shooting cast bullets (no coating) and have got some leading. Some may have been a little to hot so I am slowing them down. What are the best commercial products and are there any "home brew" products to clean and prevent leading? Thanks guys. Sean




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