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Tonight the guys are answering a few more questions.

  1. I shoot long range and recently shot an F-Class match. I’m loading for a 260 Remington and I’m having a small issue with ES/SD. My $100 prochrono is showing an ES of about 20-30 fps per 10 round string, and I would like a little tighter spread.
    I am using freshly annealed Lapua brass and all shoulders bumped 2 thousandths. Necks have been turned to fit my tight neck chamber. Flash holes deburred, primer pockets uniformed, and using CCI-BR2 primers. I’m weighing charges on Dillon balance beam scale and measuring seating depth off ogive. I’m also careful not to cook rounds in the chamber longer than a few seconds. My groups at 600 show very little vertical dispersion, but there is always room for improvement.
    Your Question: What am I missing to improve my ES/SD? and/or is this a problem with using a cheap optical chronograph? I know a magnetospeed, Oehler, or lab radar will be more accurate, but wanted to hear from others before I throw more money at it. I read an article on accurate shooter comparing primers as they relate to ES, so now I am curious. How much do primers affect MV consistency?  Bryce

  2. Hello Mike
    Thank you for answering and discussing my question on your podcast. I think it will help other listeners as well.
    I did go ahead and safely fired all of the reloads at the range, it was however an interesting day. I could tell every time one of the magnum primers went off, the interesting thing was while my gun has been 100 ℅ reliable for about 1500 rounds on this day I had 5 or 6 times the spent cartridge instead of ejecting as normal it came straight back and smacked me in the forehead then the cartridge coming out of the magazine would stand straight up like a stove pipe. Very odd.
    I'm an over the road truck driver and was hoping to get home sooner so I could let you know the amount of Power Pistol I used under a 147 grain copper coated bullet. I will follow up with you that info as soon as I get home over Thanksgiving.
    Thanks again for your very informative, enjoyable and much need podcast. You bring together a great mix of knowledgeable reloaders.
    I hope you, your family and the rest of the guys have a great Thanksgiving. Mark

  3. Hi Guys,
    Listening to a podcast from a few weeks ago there was mention of powders for reduced rifle loads. Previously I had been using IMR SR4759 in my .303 British for reduced loads, however, the powder was discontinued so I was forced to find a replacement.
    The attached are what I found on the Hodgdon website for reduced loads in that search. I am currently planning to give the h4895 a try. Hopefully it works as good as the SR4759 as it was much more enjoyable to shoot my Lee Enfield, making recoil similar to that of a .223.
    All the best
    Nova Scotia, Canada






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