Reloading Podcast 179 - yeah, I know the you tube video is labeled 180

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  Tonight the guys are covering more questions.

  1. Turn or Ream Follow Up
    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all the valuable information.
    To follow-up:
    I took the Winchester .308 brass and annealed and turned the necks on a Hornady Neck Turning tool. The turning mostly took off brass from about 50-60% of the neck and improved the concentricity to about .0005 to .001
    I loaded up with my previously developed load of Varget and had some fun at the range.
    The net end result was a group of .49 which is a little worse, but I blame that on the trigger puller. The big improvement came in the Standard Deviation of the load. The pre-turning SD was 7.8 fps and the post-turning dropped the SD to 3.9. A huge decrease.
    I was very happy with the results, but then came to the realization that the Winchester brass, though good, was not going to get any better. That in combination with the fact that the brass has been shot 5-6 times (did not keep accurate count) lead me to retire that brass and invest in Lapua brass.
    The initial fire forming load yielded a .60 group and SD of 4.7 fps. I expect that the future results will improve.
    By the way the Lapua brass came out of the box with a .0007 so I did not bother with turning the neck.
    Thanks for the information and I always look forward to your show. Werner

  2. copper plating -v- heavy copper plating
    Extreme bullets sells a 9mm 124 gr RN copper coated bullet and a 9mm 124gr RN HPCB (heavy plating concave base) both are listed as a .355 dia. Where, when would you use these bullets ? John L

  3. Regarding episode #173, you guys talked about how premium ammo goes through a lot more QC than does "white box" or range ammo. I know what you're saying, but I can't believe in this day of way too many lawyers that range versus premium ammo is any less scrutinized. There is just too much liability for the ammo maker. I would guess that the price difference comes from using more expensive projectiles, and also some degree of "snobbery" and packaging/marketing costs. My guess only, is that range ammo from any given company uses the same components as the premium or defensive ammo, excluding the projectile.
    Keep up the great work. BrewerBill

  4. I’m new to reloading and new to your podcast. Keep up the great work! I’m currently setting up my hornady LNL progressive to load up my first batch of 308 for my Ruger SR762. My goal is to reach 2600-2700 FPS with a 150gr Hornady PSP using Winchester brass and cci 200 primers. After much research I have chosen Alliant Power Pro 2000mr. I chose this powder for its ability to reach higher velocity at lower pressures, smooth metering and less temperature sensitivity compared to other spherical powders. I live and Oregon which has a wide temperature range however since I will be working my load up in the winter I will not know the affects of 100 degree weather on my load pressure. Once I find the proper powder charge (which will probably be on the higher end) how many grains should I back down to insure the pressure won’t peak in hot weather. I have read forums where others have said this powder has a .1-.3 FPS gain per 1 degree of temperature change. The hornady listed max is 51.2 gr. I plan to start around 45gr. Thanks! -Jerad

  5. Dear Reloading Guys,
    Love the podcast and thanks for all the great info y'all provide! In episode 166 Jeremy talked about how he performed his ladder test. If understood him correctly he said that he built one powder charge, and increased every load on the way up the ladder by .3 increments of powder. My question is by only building one load per powder charge how is gathering enough info per charge to determine if that particular charge will best his best grouping powder charge?




Author: Fly4Trout

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: Favorite podcast

Review: Hi fellas, I have been listening to your podcast as well as some others and have found the reloading podcast to be my favorite by far. The relationship you all have with one another and the way that you include and engage your listeners is to be commended. I was involved in the tool and die industry for 26 yrs so I tend to relate to Jim quite well. That being said, I think all of you are top notch. I do have a question...Jim, I have heard you make reference to using a bullet trap, is that a store bought unit or a homemade setup and do you use it indoors? I live in Mid-Michigan and it gets a bit nippy in winter and I would like to shoot in my pole barn. Thanks to all for keeping me smiling while driving this semi up and down the road. Jim M


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