Reloading Podcast 177 - Do I need a Chronograph

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  Tonight the guys are answering the importance of a Chronograph.

  1. Jason describing his RCBS Casemaster

  2. Found your podcast 2 weeks ago and have been binge listening! Enjoy it very much.
    I started reloading 9mm about 6 months ago and 300 BLK very recently. Worked up some subsonic (9.0gr-9.4gr Win 296/200gr Cast) and supersonic (15-16gr Win 296/150gr FMJ) ladder loads and the thought of a chronograph entered my mind. I have not been out to the range in several months due to a surgery, but anticipate getting these ladder loads out to the range in the next month. Will be using my home built 300 BLK rifle with 16" barrel with 1:8 twist.
    You may have covered this subject already and I just haven't listened to it yet. If so, please let me know the podcast if you can.
    How important is a chronograph in the reloader's arsenal? Where does it fall in line with other items like a case length/headspace gauge, trimmer, primer pocket swager, etc. To me, it seems a rather important piece of data to know. We use a scale for powder measure, calipers for OAL and other measuring devices when reloading - so knowing velocities would be right up there I would imagine.
    I am looking at the MagnetoSpeed Sporter because I shoot at a busy range and setting/adjusting/moving an optical chronograph wouldn't work too well with cold/hot cycles. Obviously the optical is more flexible (rifle, handgun, bow, airsoft, etc) and with some budgeting, I may be able to pick up an optical chronograph in 5-6 months anyway if I find that I REALLY need to know pistol velocities and I can't engineer something with the MagnetoSpeed Sporter (3D printing anyone? :-) )
    Thanks for the podcast and your time!




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