Reloading Podcast 175 going progressive, not that way...

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Tonight the guys are talking about when should you go progressive?

  1. Ok I have a question for the group. “We” tell new reloaders that they should start on a single stage press however I have yet to see an answer as to when “We” think that they are ready to make the jump to progressive press. I did not learn on a single stage I was lucky to have a friend that had a 650 and that is what I learned on and that is what I bought as my press. I am only loading 45 and 9mm. I do see the advantage of a single stage or a Redding T-7 style press with bottle neck rounds. So having no real world experience with a single stage I am wondering if there is a moment when a single stage reloader has that moment of let's go to a progressive
    I will say that with a progressive press that you must remain focused at all times because of all the operation that are going on at the same time
    This might also make for a good Show topic
    Please give me you thought on this Eric Strong

  2. I have a Rem 223 loading question. I have some 68gr FMJ-BT bullets that I want to try loading. These have no cannelure (versus my 55gr bullets that did have a cannelure). Should I crimp, or not crimp? I have access to both a Lee Factory Crimp Die and a Redding Taper Crimp Die. These rounds are for use in my AR-15. Asking since I'm fairly new to rifle cartridge reloading. Thanks Bill Murray

  3. I'm pulling the bullets from some 1952-53 dated Kynoch belted .30-06 ammunition. (corrosive primers)
    The powder looks like 4895. Does anyone have any information of the powder used in these rounds?
    I'd like to re-use it if possible B.Brock





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