Reloading Podcast 174 kabooms and cleaning

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Tonight the guys are answering questions.


  1. Hi Mike, thank you for the reply. The question I had was the first part of this year I was loading 9mm middle of the road target loads, I was about 300 rounds in when I noticed I had mixed in a partial flat if small pistol magnum primers, about thirty or so in the 300 rounds. I have no idea which ones have the magnum primers. The question is how much more pressure will a magnum primers have over a regular primer? I have tried this on 38 special loads where I used some magnum primers and can not tell the difference in shooting them, if course 9mm is a high pressure load unlike the 38 special. Do you think I am safe to fire these in my Ruger LC9s pro? I was using a middle of the recipe load, not light or hot.
    Again I love the show and have learned a lot listening to it, I really appreciate all you do.
    Thank You
    Mark Evenson

  2. Equipment maintenance: What does everyone else do to keep their equipment trucking along? I've always preferred powdered graphite. Phil R from the Facebook Podcast group



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Title: Just found and loving it!
Review: Found this podcast right before a long trip today and can't believe how fast nine hours went by. Keep up the great work!



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