Reloading Podcast 171 - loading 223 vs 556

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Tonight the guys are talking .223 vs 5.56mm.

  1. Gander mountain by me had a huge clearance sale on firearms yesterday and I couldn't pass on a savage model 25 .223.
    After this impulsive buy... I am left wondering if I can use my 5.56 NATO brass and load it to 223 Remington?
    I've searched the group and couldn't come up with an answer. Keith (podcast group post)

  2. I've begun developing a load for my  Browning 1885 Low Wall in .223 Remington using the Hornady 55 grain spire point bullet. I have quite a bit of reloading experience but ran into a mystery that has me confused. I use the Hornady (Stony Point) Cartridge Overall Length Gauge to determine an optimum cartridge overall length with the bullet seated to be just off the rifling. As you know, this gauge uses the ogive of the bullet which is more accurate than measuring the cartridge base to tip. After determining the cartridge length I wanted I carefully adjusted my bullet seating die. Then, I seated the next bullet and found it off by .005 or so. I seated another, and another, and another. None of them were the same cartridge OAL. Varying from my desired length by none to as much as .006 - always shorter; none were ever over .001 longer than I wanted.
    This was all done with a Lee bullet seater.  OK, I thought, Lee isn't the most precise thing out there so I get a bullet seater from a Hornady Custom Die set.  Essentially the same thing happened all over again.
    My question - what could be causing this. One would assume that once the die is set it's going to produce the same results repeatedly. Could the bullet ogive or jacket thickness be that different?  I wouldn't think the die would have that much play in it. (BTW this was done with a Forster press if that matters to your answer).
    The bullets used were Hornady 55 grain spire points bought in bulk (1000) bullets. I don't remember where I got them as I had then for a while. I've wondered if the bullets were perhaps 2nd quality and sold in bulk for that reason (thought I doubt that).
    Now I doubt my rifle knows the difference .005 in COAL would make. I realize it's a falling block so is probably never going to produce results like a benchrest bolt action but I did want the best it could do. I'm a real fan of the 1885 action. The real mystery here is why wouldn't the bullet seating depth and COAL as measured with the Hornady Cartridge Overall Length Gauge be essentially the same every time.  Ron

  3. Hey guys. Not reloading related but i Decided to take my 22lr (rem 597) outta the trunk to clean it. Apparently sand from the beach does get everywhere. Upper receiver, lower, barrel, stock. Anyone have any tips for getting all the sand out . Air can ? And clean or something something else Kenneth




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