Reloading Podcast 170 - Farewell to Jake

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  Tonight the guys are answering questions and saying goodbye to Jake Challand.

  1. Is it important to have the most up to date reloading manuals, and if so, why?
    Love the show,
    Zachary D

  2. There are some videos out there about trimming down 5.56 brass and making 7.62x25. I know it is a lot of work and I don't mind that, I'm kind of a tinkerer anyway. My question is this, Is it safe and or practical. Once you trim a couple you should be able to use those over several times. I think I heard a while back on your show about high pressure, can you explain that? Is there anything I can do to reduce the pressure? Not looking for hot loads.

  3. Guys, Love the show!  I know more episodes are available on your website, but why aren't they on iTunes?
    Anyway, I'm getting into reloading and am looking into purchasing a trimmer.  I like the Trim-it 2 because of the three way cutter.  However, as I was reading reviews, someone mentioned that this trims off the shoulder length and not the OAL.  Although that seems obvious, I'm now curious when you should trim for OAL and when you should trim based on the shoulder.
    Looking forward to the next show,




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