Reloading Podcast 169 - Underboom

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Tonight the guys are answering more questions.

  1. Hey Jim listen to the podcast and am thinking of reloading currently have a savage ar 15 msr and am debating weather or not to go with ruger precision 308 bolt action or the juggernaut  ar 308 while I'm fine buying .223 ammo around 33 cents a round I will not be buying 308, i was looking at the Lee turret press I would use it as a single stage don't want to be taking dies on and off. Will make about a 1000 rounds of 308 a month currently go through 2000 rounds of .223. Thanks and I enjoy the podcast. Oh I will be using the 308 for hunting and hitting metal just getting into some long range so this is new to me. Kyle

  2. I came across a post with a picture of the top half of a revolver blown off. In the comment section people were speculating what could have caused this to happen. Some of the comments mentioned the possibility of an undercharged case causing detonation or an explosion to occur. This was the first time I had heard of this. Is it possible for a very undercharged load to explode, and if so, why?
    Love the show,

  3. Hello Reloading Podcast,
    I am listening to episode 164 and Jim is talking about separating wheel weights. I use a sharpened pair of dike pliers and bite all that I have a question on. Regarding the zinc, it's a pain but if you look at the weights the zinc ones say ZN on them. Happy casting. David

  4. Will a RCBS #26 pilot fit in a Hornady case trimmer and be able to be used for trimming 6.5 Creedmoor? (text to Google voice #)

  5. What is the greatest variation a guy should get in case overall length on his dies while seating the bullets? Joe

  6. I started to reload some .270 rounds about a years ago. I realized after priming 50 rounds that I didn't have the projectiles on hand. So I let them sit and kind of forgot about them. My question is, are the primers still viable, or do I need to put new primers in them? If I need to replace the primers can I use the decapping die? Richard.




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