Reloading Podcast 164 - pushing back the neck

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Tonight the guys are talking about pushing back the neck.

  1. The Hornady FTX bullets have a insert in the hollow point to give it the ballistic coefficient of a pointed bullet. Hornady makes seating stems for dies that will seat without crushing the tip. They are cheap. Like 7 bucks.  Bill. FTX seating stem

  2. Bumping back the shoulder

    1. I have been listening to your very educational podcast for a few weeks and don't believe I have heard this subject discussed yet. After a certain number of full-length resizing operations on a belted magnum case such as a 338 Win Mag, a measureable bulge develops above the belt, and the case will not chamber. I learned about this when a friend gave me a few dozen cases he inherited. It took me quite a while to figure out why they were having trouble chambering in the Ruger Model 77 I purchased when I moved to Alaska in 1978. I have reloaded off and on for decades.

      I harvest a moose on my property near Willow Alaska every fall, in the past with factory ammo, primarily with the Federal Premium Safari .338 Win Mag 210 grain. The last two years I have handloaded my own moose ammo, still with 210 grain Nosler Partitions. I just bought 50 new Remington cases so I can start fresh without having to worry about ancient cases that may have developed the infamous bulge above the belt.

      I also bought an RCBS neck sizing die so I can fire-form cases to my chamber, avoid full-length resizing, and just size the neck so the bulge doesn't develop. This afternoon I neck sized my fire-formed cases, and reloaded and fired them. They shot nice groups but I really had to slam the bolt to get them to chamber. This got me thinking about a term you guys throw around - "knocking back the shoulder". I hear that a lot but don't know exactly how to do it. I am thinking about this as I "knock back" an Alaskan HopoThermia Double IPA and thought I would ask. Thanks, Jim


    2. Possible question for the show:  "Bumping the shoulder back" question. Is this done with a FL resizing die or some other die? If it is done with a FL die then how do you do it without FL resizing. I've done some googling but I am still unclear on it. Sean

    3. So what is the purpose of a body die if you can shoulder bump with a fl die? Is there a benefit to them? Or are they two names for the same thing? Curtis

    4. And to add to the question, how do bushing dies work vs full length and neck sizing dies? I really enjoy the 101 refreshers and can appreciate the new guys out there needed that info, but I would love to listen to a few super "off in the weeds" detailed podcasts on the precision reloading side of things. There are lots of us with substantial reloading experience that are becoming bored with 3/4" groups and want take it to the next level of detail and be able to bang some steel at 1000 yds consistently. Matt

  3. Hey guys, First off I love the show! I'm seriously considering turning it into a drinking game every time Sam Elliot (Jim) talks about casting his freaking revolver boolits!!!  On to my question- I'm beginning my journey into reloading. Going to concentrate on 6.5 creedmoor as it's currently the only thing I have capable of precision. Starting with a single stage and hope to use 130-140 grain bullets (looking for high bc's) Problem I'm having is I live in commiefornia (home of the ammo and reloading supply grab) and h4350, imr 4350, RL 17 and RL 22 are like unicorns around here! Not planning on hunting at all. Just want to push this out and far as I can, as accurately as possible. Options? Thoughts?  I'm a pretty meticulous person so I do genuinely appreciate the detail you guys get into! One Suggestion-it does end up a challenge at times to pay attention when you guys Dillon out. I understand you're catering to a massive spectrum of reloaders and experience levels, but when you're starting the convo about intro level, I personally would stay more engaged if it stayed centered on single stage instead of what you all currently use, which usually turns into a 550 vs 650 accessories convo. Totally not a criticism, just a suggestion that would help me personally! Thanks guys! Keep it up.  Dave








Hello, I was told about your podcast by my Dad. I thought I'd give it a listen, as I am interested in guns; though my current living situation isn't terribly amenable to owning and reloading guns. Imagine my shock to hear some vicious stories that he could somehow defeat his first son in a fair arm-wrestle in episode 162! I think he'll need a rematch. In my defense about not listening to the podcast regularly, I hear quite enough verbal vinegar from the old grump without tuning in weekly as well- But I quite enjoy what you guys do, including Dad; and I think it's an incredibly valuable service. Thank you. Brandon


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