Reloading Podcast 163 - Mike left the kids alone

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are talking about stuck stuff.

  1. Hi everyone I enjoy listening to the podcast. It's like sitting down at the gun club talking about reloading. I started listening this winter through trevor on slam fire and I shoot with him at ipsc matches. I myself have been reloading for 27 years but still like to learn new stuff.
    I do have one question. When I am loading on my 550b and like someone mentioned a primer may get stuck on the decapping pin and then get recited. How do you fix it. It really slows things down.  Once again thanks for doing the podcast and looking forward to the next one. Charlie


  2. So I'm on 133 moving forward and I keep hearing you say good luck saving money but I look at this in a different light, I love to shoot way more then loading. after  the recent panics and shortages I literally had to stop shooting for two years. Sure I spent a fortune so fair and I'm about to pull the trigger on a progressive press. I'm buying it and leaving it at a friends house so as I build I can test my rounds and also he likes it as he can use it. I should say I might of gotten spoiled at a indoor range using the Dillon 1050 but that's the press I'm getting when my bonus comes in a month.
    So is it cheaper hell yes it is if you can't find the ammo and what you do find is 3 times the cost it was before.
    Just my two cents


  3. Thanks for a great and informative podcast. Got a question. Hornady just released data for loading the 190 gr. .41 mag FTX bullets. I had bought a box of the complete rounds and was making some practice rounds when I notices the tips looked flatter than the factory rounds. Because the data calls for a C.O.L of 1.590" I think this may be an issue on how I set up the seating die. My question is, do you have any tips or concerns on loading flex-tip bullets? I appreciate any info you can provide.  Don

  4. Hi guys,
    Love the show, been listening almost a year now and am a pledging listener.  I think I started with the "optimal charge weight" episode.  Even though it thoroughly confused me as a new non-rifle reloader, I liked feeling like I was learning.  Similarly when Robin Sharpless shows up on the show - I love it.  Keep up the good work.  
    I got into reloading last year and loaded thousands of 9mm on my Dillon 650.  Because I use carbide dies on my 9mm, I don't normally use case lube and boy was that a mistake when I tried 223.  The second case stuck itself in the resizing/decapping die.  After removing the decapping rod, I made a worse mistake and cut off the case head to rescue the pin retainer nut and the neck expander.  I was thinking I could punch out the case from the other end, but because it's a full length resizer, the case seems like it is almost galled in there.  Not cutting off the head would have allowed me to remove it with the drill and tap method, but I only found out after.
    Anyhow.. not sure how I'm going to rescue this pricey Redding die.
    I looked up what people were using for case lube on youtube and found this video basically IPA 99% and lanolin mixed 12:1.  Have any of yalls used this or know people who do?  and is that guy on the video only using a neck sizing die to make it look that easy?
    Any help is appreciated, Winfred C










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