Reloading Podcast 162 - Accurate semi auto ammo

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are talking about differences between semi auto ammo and bolt/single shot ammo.

  1. Thank you for the work you obviously put into the Reloading Podcast. I enjoy listening, and I've learned a lot. I've been reloading for a little over a year, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on maintaining presses and dies. How do you clean them? How often? What lubrication do you use? Should I have some spare parts on hand to avoid down time? I personally have RCBS single stage presses and a mixture of Lee and RCBS dies. I'm sure reloaders with progressive presses would like to hear your thoughts on maintenance, too. Thanks again for producing a relevant, useful, and entertaining podcast.

    From “Nathan from Idaho”


  2. From Owen:
    I enjoy listening to your podcast, but haven't ever heard any of you really talk about annealing cases during prep. Is that something that none of you do? I'd love to get your opinion on the topic.


  1. Hi Guys, Brewer Bill here.

Mike, in a recent episode you commented about the Frankford Arsenal Primer Tube Filler. My experience was opposite of yours, I found it to be a timesaver, and had few problems with it. I removed the "pickup" end of my Dillon primer tubes and inserted them directly into the Frankford Arsenal tool, filling the Dillon tubes directly. For me, I'm glad I purchased the tool, I find filling the Dillon tubes using the flip tray quit cumbersome.  That being said, I could see how the Frankford Arsenal tool might be problematic because it seems to be adverse to ham-fistedness, it definitely needs a bit of finessing. I get the impression the tool is either a love it or hate it accessory. Also, the general consensus is that Frankford Arsenal has some QC issues. Maybe I got a good one! At 50 bucks, it's kinda pricy too.  Even taking it slow and not forcing the tool, my experience is that it is noticeably faster than the flip tray/pickup tube method. Keep up the great work


  1. Mike here is a topic idea reloading precision. Ammo for a semi auto. I think that could be a good topic with all the ar15's now floating around. Matt from Geeks, Gadgets and Guns

  2. Hey guys,

I have been listening to your podcast for about a month now. I am not new to reloading. As a young lad I used lead ingots for building blocks as my dad crunched out .45's on his Rock Chucker. As I grew I was drafted to sort brass and later apprenticed on the use of the hallowed press. (I still police a range for brass before I shoot and now my kids do the same) As you can imagine these repetitive tasks do not keep the attention of a young boy for long. I soon loathed reloading. Fast forward many years and I found myself with the very same Rock Chucker on loan from the "old man". (Seems he pick up a Dillon 650). I loaded about 1000 each .223 and 9mm on that press that I so hated many years before. As life would have it I needed to move two states away and the old man said he needed that press back before I move. See how dads work???? Lol This forced me to set up a 650 of my own in a righteous temple of bullet bliss in the new shop. Now due to the ample time I have at work to soak up the sagely wisdom from you guys I have a few tricks that the old man hasn't heard of yet.

Thank you for all that you do!


In the world of shorter barreled semi's. (All data seems to be derived from a 24" barrel) Perhaps a look at maximizing the crafting of bullets for those rifles would make a good episode? Faster powder, tighter crimp, lighter bullet...etc.








I am starting to buy my equipment and will be a new reloader. I found your podcast a few days ago and listen everyday at work. I really enjoy you guys and I've learned a lot so far. Sent a request for the facebook group and plan on spreading the word about you guys. Keep up the work. BTW your facebook group is the only reason I joined facebook. James aka "Waccamaw scout" from North Carolina


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