Reloading Podcast 161 - shotshell quickie

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Tonight the guys are talking about a couple wildcats and a quickie on shotshells.

  1. Hello guys. I love the show. Say I have I 300 ruger compact magnum that I will be reloading for and I have a few questions. If I buy a neck sizing die when I resize I will need to bump the shoulder back at the same time as well, otherwise it may not load into my ruger hawkeye correct? So then how do I do that? This is a long range hunting rig and I want to see what kind of accuracy I can get out of it. On another subject when I begin load development I have lots of bullet options to choose from. Tell me why selecting the heaviest, highest bc bullet is a bad idea, or rather where is the line drawn between losing velocity and gaining ballistic coefficient with heavier bullets. I have listened to about 75 of your podcasts in a row and have gained a lot of knowledge. Thanks so much!

    1. Taylor KO Factor

  2. Hey guys you were trying to decide what would be a great press that would fit Daryl's budget. As far as speed goes what can I say but don't count out the single stage press, yes I'm a newer reloader but using Jim's tip of setting the powder thrower based on 10 throws instead of trying to set in every individual throw.
    I'm just using a Lyman Orange crusher press, but doing de priming with a Harvey de primer and priming with a RCBS universal primer. but easily do over 200+ rounds an hour of 9mm. And if just doing the priming and depriming separately and in bulk then I can do close to 300 rounds in an hour.  So if he is only looking to do 1000 rounds a month even a nice used single stage press will work very well for.
    thanks for all the laughs


  3. Daniel found the Easter Egg, Jim has been in every branch but USMC! I guess he can straddle the fence on army navy games. Anyway, thanks for Rick R for supporting . Thanks Dan… (Jim’s “monologue about his military family goes here.)

  4. I started reloading .38 Specials with a Lee loader in 1973 and have gotten into it deeper and deeper over the years. The one thing that baffles me is shotshell reloading. According to the manuals every detail must followed exactly without any deviation. Could you discuss why this is on a podcast? Maybe get an expert on to lay it all out. One of the things I like about reloading is the ability to change things. Thanks.










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