Reloading Podcast 160 - looking back

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Tonight the guys are answering some more questions.

  1. Getting started

    1. Want to purchase reloading equipment and just can’t make the decision, have ZERO experience and have read, watched, and listened reloading now for 2 months and just don’t know if it should be Single, Progressive, Turret or Lee, RCBS, Dillon, Hornady.  My son and I shoot IDPA, USPSA and Icore 2 to 3 weekends a month and I am tired of buying the cheapest box ammo for $11 to $13 a box.
      I think I have eliminated the single due to my round count and just a small lean to the Dillon Square B and the Redding T7.  Below are my priorities and the top 3 are not negotiable the last two a little flexibility.  
      Please give me a good recommendation so I can start filling 2500 once shot brass we collected for the last 3 months.
      1.      Want the reloading experience to be enjoyable and satisfying not work.
      2.      Quality new equipment that will last for years.
      3.      Produce a 1000 rounds per month of good quality pistol ammo (9mm & .380)
      4.      Easy setup and swapping between the 2 calibers.
      5.      Total budget $600 all equipment, dies, powder and parts
      Thanks and a great podcast!   

    2. Taken directly from The Reloading Room: “Newbie question. I haven't made the jump to start reloading yet. I'm still in the research phase. I live near Dillon so i am very seriously considering going with a 650. My major uses will be 9mm, 38 special, and 223/556.
      I am almost caught up on the reloading podcast, on 148. ( thanks gang).
      I have heard all the advice about starting out with a single stage not a progressive. What do you think about the 650 but using the single stage conversion kit? It seems reasonable to me but i would like some input. Thanks”


  2. I wanted to respond to Jim’s comment about drying my brass in the food dehydrator. Jim mentioned that someone dried his brass in a 250 degree oven, and it discolored the brass. The food dehydrator only gets to about 180 ish degrees, and I use a lower setting than that. The biggest benefit I see with the food dehydrator is the excellent airflow, combined with the very warm temperature. Also the capacity of these things is very deceiving; they hold a lot of brass. Plus if you want you can buy additional trays and stack them up as high as you want. I personally have never tried to “bake” my brass, but I have used the sweater/gym-shoe rack in my clothes dryer. It works, but far and away the best method I’ve found is the food dehydrator. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, (remember those 20% off coupons you keep getting in the mail). When I bought mine, it was at a considerable discount to the “tactical” brass dryers, and I’m convinced it's the exact same item, not to mention it was available locally. (Nesco American Harvest vs the Frankford Arsenal). Sorry, I didn’t use the Amazon Affiliate link. :-( Additionally, since the brass I’m drying is super-clean I can even use the food dehydrator for it’s intended purpose…making dehydrated food and jerky. Prepping and reloading, score!
    Back to Jim’s story about the brass discoloring, and possibly annealing the brass. My first reaction is that the brass is probably only cosmetically affected. Disclaimer: I'm a hobbyist with access to Google, not a metallurgist. I do anneal my brass. My understanding is that case brass must be held at 600 degrees for an hour or 800 degrees for just a moment to anneal. Unless the brass-baker Jim mentioned was using the “clean” mode of his oven, the brass is probably okay. On the other hand, if my brass became that weird looking I would be leery too. I tend to believe the discoloration came from some residue of the cleaning chemicals reacting to the heat. I know Jim’s story was a cautionary tale about extreme methods of brass drying. He has a valid point. Heck, in the summer I just turn out my brass on a large bakery sheet and let them get a good suntan on my deck…just watch out for the bird poop!
    Thanks for everything that you all, (all y’all), are doing for the hobby specifically, and shooting sports in general.


  3. From this thread and one other, it seems there is a lot of misunderstanding about what cam over is. I wonder if this is something that could be addressed in the podcast, even though it has been before. I'm pretty sure cam over is a function of the press, not the die. Am I wrong, or are we talking about different things?


  4. From RLP Group, “Hello Jim Fleming. Where is it you put that fancy load data spreadsheet you're always bragging about?? “


  5. Follow up on Kris’s email about H-108








I was very much astonished that my email made it into your podcast. I would like to say that I meant no disrespect by the methuselah comment. If any offense was taken I apologize..... you know how us men are.... but I have some good advice. I hear every episode about the disclaimer of reloading and being responsible I suggest that you add a disclaimer for our " wives who don't don't appreciate the science and art of hunting, self defense, heritage, and just shooting in general...." I really appreciate all the hard work you do. I have listened to all the podcasts I could on iTunes and now going thru the archives. I got to laughing because the very first episode sounded like Mike , correct me if I'm wrong, was doing a Berry White sexy voice...... anyway thanks again. I have been humbled by my lack of knowledge of reloading, but I see as an opportunity to learn


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