Reloading Podcast 159 - match

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Tonight the guys are talking primers and manuals and loads.


  1. I want to reload some 308's using federal premium GM 210M match grade primers. Because of a shortage of these primers, I don't think I'm going to be able to get any of these. Looking for a recommendation on an alternative primer.
    From Scott


  2. Subsonic .223 Loads
    Message: Hey guys, I'm wondering if you have any subsonic .223 load recipes you would be willing to share. I know they exist, but I've yet to find good data to go off of. If you're hesitant to give load recipes out (don't blame you) could you at least point me in the direction to find them? Thanks for your help, I love the show!


  3. After entering the AR-15 world, I was forced into reloading brass. It was simple and easy when i was loading only for .300AAC with 147gr. bullets, but now I'm dabbling with much heavier subsonic rounds, lighter hunting rounds, and since I have the press I'm getting into 380ACP, 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, and of course every rifle caliber I own. This boils down to too many combinations of powder and bullets to safely decipher a starting point for load work up based on internet posts. I've got the dies, I've got the bullets, and quite an array of powders, but I've got enough sense to know I'm not ready to put the pieces together without printed data. Simply put, I need to get a reloading manual. Since most of my firearms are common calibers, which should have many tried and true recipes, I'm most concerned with the .300AAC. This is the "newest" caliber I have and I'd like your input on which manual has the best coverage for this particular caliber.
    Also, I happen to have 8# of H-108. Printed data for this is limited, and seems to only include large bore pistol calibers. It'd be nice to use it up in .300AAC. I'd love to hear your thoughts on doing this. I suspect it's not a great fit for the aforementioned pistols, nor is it a good fit for .223 or 30-06.
    I'm not a complete rookie at reloading, but I'm also lacking in experience as it relates to reloading brass, hence the question to you fine folks.
    Thanks for your time,





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