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Tonight the guys are covering lee classic loader, and a follow up to primers not falling in the catcher.

  1. Hey y'all, I am getting into reloading mainly to develop an accurate round for my 20 year old Remington 700 30-06. I absolutely appreciate the hard work and knowledge that goes into each podcast.  It is very informative and entertaining, especially when y'all pick on "the old guy" aka Methuselah... Anyway my only problem is I have no room for a bench at the moment. I have been looking at the lee classic rifle loader (hammer style) and the hand press style. I have many other semi's and guns that I may reload for but not at the moment. Any thoughts? Thanks for all the work.

  2. I failed to mention in my first message that NONE of my friends or family reload... set in their ways or Ill-informed I guess... I have been hunting and shooting since I was old enough to hold a gun.  33 now and very mechanically inclined. All my brass has been shot through my gun Bradley

  3. Hornady Classic Primer Drop Solution
    Just heard the last podcast today and I wanted to talk at you through the radio, because I know the problem the caller had with his primers falling out the wrong way. My dad and I just set up his Classic Kit and I had the same problem at first. The kit comes with a hand primer and the "Positive Priming System" and it caused a little confusion. We started with the hand primer because the Positive Priming System is a little arm that goes in the ram and loads primers on the down stroke, but without the Single Stage Primer Filler, an accessory you have to buy separate, you have to put each primer in the little cup one at a time by hand and it is a pain. He probably had the same idea and just left that arm out, because you can't lower the ram all the way without it being in the way of sliding in a shell. With the arm of the Positive Priming system in, the primer you pop out runs into the arm and drops through a little hole in the ram and into the primer catch pan, if you take that arm out to make loading shells easier the primer just runs down the ramp in the ram and out the front of the press on to the floor. The manual shows how to install that arm, but doesn't say anything about the primers falling out if you don't put it in.
    Thanks for all you guys do, love the show.

  4. Voice

    1. Enjoyed the podcast as I always do. I need some advice from Jason on a piece of equipment. Not reloading but unloading equipment, a Desert Eagle in 44 mag. I greatly respect his opinion and thinking very seriously about getting one and was wondering how he is enjoying his. Like most people limited funds and torn between a Dillon 650 reloading press and joining the progressive press crowd or getting the Desert Eagle. Life is trade offs and I am sure I can't go wrong either way I go with this decision. Thank you as always. Russ

    2. Hey guys,. Love the show. I always enjoy the friendly banter and loads of good information.. just finished listening to your Dillon interview.. great interview... I always enjoy and look forward to the next show. Thanks again guys! ????

  5. Evening,
    I have recently become hooked on your podcast. I drive about 2.5 hours a day. I don't necessarily always agree with you guys, but I have learned a bit, been entertained a lot, and hey, you are way better company than the crap radio on today. I am a competitive bullseye shooter that has loaded tens of thousands of pistol rounds, but I am also 100% new to rifle. You guys have helped me a lot in this area. Problem is, I have caught up on episodes. I am using Castbox to play your show on my android phone. It only allows me to go as far back as episode 122. Any advice as to how I could download the first 121 episodes? Any help would be great!
    Thank you,





Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Title: Fun and educational
Review: Enjoy listening every week. My favorite podcast to listen to. It's a great way to reaffirm what You already know and learn something new at the same time. The host are funny and knowledgeable about reloading.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Title: Awesome Podcast
Review: Great mix of information and personalities. Sometimes great and sometimes small, but I always learn something from each episode. They have especially taught me how to spend more money on reloading equipment.😃 I can't thank these guys enough. A weekly must listen.


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